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Issue #017, May 5, 2010 -- Rafflesia Flower Hiking Adventure, Strawberry Farms and Homestay in Malaysia Cameron Highlands

Issue #016, Dec 15, 2009 -- Uncle Chow Kopitiam, SPM Resort Home Apartments, Kang Travel, etc.

Issue #015, Sep 7, 2009 -- Wedding Photos, Bukit Larut, Taiping, Cameron Highlands Hotel directory list update

Issue #014, May 12, 2009 -- Cameron Highlands Hotel, Sultan Abu Bakar Ringlet Lake, Organic Farms, Travel Forums, Facebook and Twitter, Tourism Malaysia updates

Issue #013, December 16, 2008 -- updates on accommodations, travel writer, other highlands, travel forum, driving tips, etc

Issue #012, September 20, 2007 -- Travel Videos Tour and Community Forum Board.

Issue #011, July 23, 2007 -- Of tea plantation, planning your trip and PLUS expressway.

Issue #010, April 26, 2007 -- Check out Boh's new Tea Centre at Sungai Palas tea plantation

Issue #009, February 12, 2007 -- Valentines Day and Chinese New Year is around the corner

Issue #008, January 11, 2007 -- It's Visit Malaysia 2007

Issue #007, December 06, 2006 -- Have a relaxing time at the Cameron Highlands!

Issue #006, October 03, 2006 -- It's a food affair!

Issue #005, August 14, 2006 -- Jim Thompson Mystery Solved?

Issue #004, May 28, 2006 -- What's been happening for the past few months?

Issue #003, February 10, 2006 -- Take a bus ride and visit the charming Smokehouse Hotel

Issue #002, December 13, 2005 -- Take a quick detour to Kellie's Castle from Simpang Pulai

Issue #001, November 07, 2005 -- sooth your tired eyes, have a look at the photos section!

Cameron Highlands Travel Destination
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