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Cameron Highlands short notes

Yes, I'm back from a well needed break from Cameron Highlands! Going for a tourism Malaysia travel locally is a great way to relax and escape the rat race, but this time the rat race also followed us. We should have given more thought as to when to go up Cameron Highlands for a break next time.

Why? First thing first, do avoid going for a travel destinations vacation on a super peak weekend especially to Cameron Highlands. Mind you, the hotel apartment rates were at the highest, the crowds, and traffic jams not only in the highlands but also on Sunday on the way back to Kuala Lumpur! It left me conked off on my return and feeling like taking another holiday from a holiday. Even my wife said that we should have stayed another day up there if it weren't for the budget. I think I'll go for a Shiatsu massage after work to unwind my knotted muscles and stiff neck!

Since it will take time to organise the information collected, here are some quick notes just to satisfy your hunger for information. Reminds me of Sylar of Heroes, the hunger... Jokes aside here goes.

Hotels, hotels.

Yeah, more hotels popping up and there was this hotel that was just open for three days. A real mint. Looks great and I even got a chance for sneak peak at one of the rooms too. And the exterior is really keeping in theme with the old Tudor architecture unlike the Titiwangsa Hotel in Brinchang. So what's the name? It called Hotel De'La Ferns. With such beautiful exterior, you can expect the published rates to be equally beautiful too. Tell you more when I get the chance.

Eat healthy, go organic.

My brother-in-law was stricken with cancer and at this moment he is going for the complementary medicine / nutrition food method of keeping the cancer in check. So this year, my wife and I learned many things about food and nutrition and what it takes to keep one's health as best as possible and if followed well, we could actually stave off and even reverse many lifestyle related disease, which at this moment is the number one, two and three main killer ailment in Malaysia. What are they? Heart, Cancer and Diabetes.

However for this trip, I still indulged in some lovely tea and scones at Cameronian Inn and enjoy a nice cuppa of teh tarik while up at the tea plantation tea shop. So there goes my sugar level...

But before eating sinfully, we went for an informative organic farming agro tourism Malaysia with Cameron Organic Produce (COP) Sdn Bhd where Mr Lee was kind enough to show us and lecture about how a real organic vegetables are grown. So more about this later too.

New Tea Shops

Everybody must visit the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation new tea centre, yes? Since Boh up the ante for a vertigo balcony view of their tea plantation, Bharat came up with their own version too. It is located a short distance away from the old Shalimar tea shop on the way up from Habu to Tanah Rata. And yes, it too has a breath taking scenery, and a less vertigo inducing balcony.

Coincidence, just pure coincidence

Well, whadaya know, we went up with two cars and both cars got a flat - rear left for the Toyota Wish, a rear right on the Toyota Altiss. Fortunately Mr Lee of COP brought us to a workshop in Brinchang and we got it fix in no time for one of the cars anyway. There are quite a number of workshops around so if ever you experience car breakdown you could look for a mechanic to repair your car as long as they know how to fix it that is... so make sure your car is in tip top condition before you drive up to Cameron Highlands!

You never know what you'll find...

We had some time before heading back to Greenhill apartment for dinner, so we explored a little and found a Nyonya specialty restaurant in Taman Royal Lily. It's called Uncle Chow Kopitiam. Quite popular with the Singaporeans. And the surprising thing was Uncle Chow and Aunty Chow resides in Damansara, Petaling Jaya. My wife would have liked their Assam Laksa, mmmm.

While I was talking with Aunty Chow, my gang of family was happily buying up organic food supplies a few doors away. It was rare to find this kind of shop; and harder still to find red rice. So Kenny, Rebecca and Lena stocked up supplies for the next few months.

So I guess I have to satisfy your "hunger" for now with the tit-bits above. Till I post them in full, au revoir!


Posted on 5/May/2009

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