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Cameron Highlands short notes

During my last travel destination trip I saw a lot of changes in Cameron Highlands. As a way to keep informed and promote tourism Malaysia I decided to post short notes rather than wait until I collected enough information or arrange the information that I have in hand to write into a full article. So here goes:

Hotels, hotels...

Lots of new accommodation is popping up around Cameron Highlands. Some don't even keep in tune with the Tudor architecture. I guess with very heavy tourist arrival during peak period, hoteliers thought they may cater for this group of people. Let's see:

Hotel Titiwangsa - located in Brinchang sitting between the Indian Temple and Iris Hotel. This new uninspiring hotel was recently open to cater for visitors who wish to stay in Brinchang. Looks more like a flat with its square block shape. The rooms are clean and some are very spacious. Ground floor has some shops to cater for guests I supposed.

Iris House Resort Apartment - coming soon, saw a signboard proposing the construction of Resort Apartment accommodation. I guess Iris Hotel makes enough to fund the construction of another building. This one will be located near to Smokehouse hotel, and facing the golf course.

Papillon Hotel Rumah Tumpangan in Brinchang - This shop lot hotel is located in the new section of Brinchang. Couldn't check it out, it was raining cats and dogs at that time...

There is another giant monstrosity of a building construction near to Hotel Country Lodge. Don't know whether it is an extension to this hotel or not. Too far away to check it out.

Eateries and Restaurants - Franchise outlets

The franchises are coming! Initially there was only one, just Merrybrown Restaurant serving hamburgers and fried chicken in Tanah Rata. Then came another in Brinchang, Secret Recipe serving only cheese cakes and nothing much else. They lasted as long as it could before it has to close down. I think it should have offer the same fare as those Secret Recipe shops in the low lands. Not serving proper food probably contributed to its demise. Mind you, starting up a well known franchise is not cheap! We tried to help by buying a birthday cake during one of our church camp, but in the end it was their bad strategy that killed them.

Next, the good 'ol Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC was open in Brinchang. This one definitely a winner! Tell me which one of you Malaysians don't like fried chicken? Even if it is unhealthy high cholesterol tainted crunchy skin with its finger linkin' good crumbs stuck to your fingers, it certainly would surely make your mouth water. Though I myself try to avoid fast food like KFC, I still throw healthy eating out the window and enjoy a fried chicken once in a while, especially their spicy flavoured one. Mmmm...

Ahhh, nothing like a nice hot cuppa coffee, especially it was Starbucks. This new franchise is located in Tanah Rata. Can't miss it. Looking out of place with the Steamboat and Indian Restaurant, this franchise should appeal to those who had enough of Boh and Bharat tea and is craving for a good caffeine fix. Latte, cappuccino, Machiato, yes, all the usual Starbucks coffee is available. They got WIFI too, so if I ever brought my laptop, I could probably hole up there and update this web site on the spot, no?

Hongkee style eateries also popping up around Brinchang new area, Oldies and Goodies Roasted Restaurant and Strawberry Moments. I wonder how they would fare, the former is still serving good ol' steamboat food though their signage says roasted food. From what I spy, they have nice decor, unless their roasted food did not appeal, guess they have to stick to the true and test steamboat offering in Cameron Highlands. As for the latter, uh, they have a big signboard advertisement opposite the police quarters. A cafe serving only strawberry desserts not so easy to attract customers? Will see.

Development around Brinchang

There's a new area in Brinchang with new shops, just turn in the road next to the Star Regency Apartment. I did mention some of the hotels and eateries there above.

The Brinchang night market is still available during weekends, public holidays and school breaks. They still cause a jam during the evening, and parking is still scarce when they have it. Now the night market is lined along the main road in front of the police quarters. There is also the covered area in the field but those only sell souvenirs and clothing. There is also a mini amusement park complete with Ferris wheel and other rides for the family. Would appeal to the children while Mom and Pop goes marketing.

Last chance marketing via Simpang Pulai way

There are three (if I counted correctly) market building structure between Pos Slim and Blue Valley. So if you want to do any last minute marketing or looking for souvenirs, you could do so. Of course if you wanted to pop in here to check it out before heading to the main town of Cameron Highlands, it is possible. These places are good for a pit stop if anybody need a leak though they charge for using the loo. They have some good veggies, and perhaps you could find something which you missed out in Kea Farm. The sellers are very helpful, even gave some tips on how to cook. They have food court too, but I didn't see any activities there when I was in one of the buildings.

That's it for now.


Posted on 18/Feb/2009

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