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This travel destination, Kellie's Castle is not located at Cameron Highlands, but rather it just so happen to be easily accessible via Simpang Pulai way. I saw the sign to Kellie's Castle when I made my way to Cameron Highlands. I told myself I must go and have a look at it if I got the chance. Well the chance came while returning from an outstation working trip from Penang one day, I decided to drop by to have a quick look as I had some time to spare.

It was quite easy to go, though the missing signs were not helpful. I missed a left turn and was actually heading to some outskirt area in Ipoh! Had to make a U-turn and take a guess on one of the junction. Talk about poor signage in Malaysia! Hopefully they will place a sign where you suppose to make your way there! I almost gave up going there! Fortunately I ask the security guards at the Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort for directions and manage to find my way there!

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I visited this place once many years ago before it was restored. At that time it was pretty badly vandalised with much grafiti everywhere. They have since clean it up though I still see some new grafiti here and there. Sigh! I guess the people still need to be educated about preserving heritage sites. Some people just have no sense of community value. Just look at the various unusable public phones and vandalised public lifts at flats and condominiums. Terrible!

There is much romantic allure to this Kellie's Castle, that it was one of the chosen site for the movie, Anna and the King! It has tragic past and some mystery to it too! Well, when I came, the ominous sky did make for a dramatic photo shot! I couldn't stay long either as it began to rain quite heavily and I had to rush back to my car somewhat drenched!

Well, I come back another day then to explore the grounds more fully. Perhaps I might get to see the Hindu temple which has Kellie's figurine amongst the Hindu gods!

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Posted on 13-Dec-2005

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