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TS Bok Outdoor Photography Slide

TS Bok is an avid amateur photographer. He has given me permission to republish some of his outdoor travel destinations photograph of Cameron Highlands. Truly, there is a vast photo opportunity to capture stunning landscape photography in the highlands. Coupled with a good set of handy dandy advance camera equipment, a good eye for detail and there you have it, pictures to take your breath away!

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Cameron Highlands

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Talk about good set of camera equipment, Bok carries an implement of up to three digital cameras whenever he goes for an outing. It seems each camera has its own sets of pros and cons and thus depending on the situation, Bok will whisk out the appropriate camera for that decisive moment to capture the oft elusive once in a lifetime shot! Ok, I think I am going too far on that elusive moment lifetime shot, but many a times you need to keep your eye open for a particular scenery or look out for some interesting pattern and of course you will need to carry your camera with you at all times. To even carrying a digital compact around on a daily basis feels rather awkward sometimes and most time we just feel lazy to carry it around while doing some shopping or something. But if you do carry it all the time, who knows you may catch that one brief moment of event!

For Bok, he has three types of camera for each situation:

  • Canon EOS 20D - a digital SLR for capturing good high definition shots. Digital SLR is bulky but they do capture better shots than digital compacts plus you have more creative control as well.
  • Fujifilm F30 - for those low light and night time shots with its ability to bump up the ISO to 1600 and still have acceptable picture quality without too much picture noise.
  • Panasonic Lumix TZ1 - for those times when it is too bulky to carry a DSLR around and still needing that super zoom of 10x optical. Now this is one digital compact camera worth carrying around at all times!

So if you enjoyed the slideshow, do visit his online photo gallery. Not only does he has beautiful shots of Cameron Highlands, he has many great shots all around of Malaysia from his travels. Do check it out at:

In the meantime shutterbugs, keep on clicking!


All pictures copyrighted please request permission to use.
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Posted on 12-Dec-2006

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