Jasmine Cafe House Restaurant

Jasmine Cafe Restaurant in Cameron Highlands

Jasmine Cafe Restaurant is located in Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands and provides some very interesting western cuisine. They are also known as Jasmine Café House but basically you can just call it Jasmine Café. They serve both Western cuisine as well as local dished but their specialty is on the Western Cuisine with a slant towards the Dutch.

I popped in one night as I was wondering what to have for dinner as this time round I visited Cameron Highlands on my own without any family members. Walking along the cold night air of Cameron Highlands I saw this brightly lit Jasmine Café in the corner of this first block of shop houses. So I thought this is it, I will give this restaurant a try.

Jasmine Cafe Restaurant Interior

Jasmine Café Restaurant has a nice orange ambience when I walked in. I guess their restaurant theme is orange. They looked brand new but actually they have been around for many years. In fact this restaurant was awarded the Cleanliness Award Eatery as the owner made sure the place always clean and brand new.

Approaching the owner, I asked about their food offering. Mr Foong suggested I try their black pepper steak, but I felt beef steak was a little too heavy for me and opt for their European style chicken chop instead.

Since that Friday was light day, I managed to strike up a conversation with Mr Foong and find out more about Jasmine Café House Restaurant.

Mr Foong worked in Europe for about 20 odds years serving up Western food and finally returned to Malaysia and set up this restaurant in Cameron Highlands. In fact this restaurant has been around since the mid-nineties so you know it has been standing strong for a very long time! Since Mr Foong has worked for so many years in Europe, he knows the kind of food fare that is very most palatable for Europeans. He said there was once a German, who came by, and after having a meal there, came back repeatedly every day for the duration of his stay in Cameron Highlands. He just liked the European style food there and did not wish to try any other local fare elsewhere in Cameron Highlands. Talk about devotion! I would have preferred to vary my palate, but I guess some prefer to stick back with what they know best!

Jasmine Cafe Chicken Chop

Jasmine Restaurant also has a liquor license, so they can serve up some cocktails. I should say they are the only pub around in Cameron Highlands apart from those bars located in the hotels. Although their working hours are from lunch time to 10pm, they can extend their opening hours up to midnight during the soccer season. Even while I was chatting up a conversation with Mr Foong, mid-eastern visitor dropped by to have a drink at the pub.

On a busy day, the Jasmine Café would be full of guests, and they would have a gala time as Mr Foong himself would personally entertain guests with merry making. Little wonder the many paraphernalia that decorated around his restaurant was sent in by his guests who had such a wonderful time. There is even a pair of Dutch clog shoes given by one of his guest and this isn't cheap as souvenir and not to mentioned sent all the way from Holland!

A group of tourist in Jasmine Cafe

Because of Mr Foong charming personality and hospitality, several tour agencies have decided that this is the place to send in their bus loads of European visitors. And when they come in the bus load, the restaurant will be a riot as the patrons has such a riotous time not just having a meal but being entertained as well. Some even have karaoke singing songs that are other European languages apart from English. I guess his guests send it to him after they return home. In fact he TV was showing video of a concert in Belgium.

I'm not the only one giving good reviews about Jasmine Café, if you see on his restaurant wall, there are many write ups about this Jasmine Café, and one very interesting mention by a Feng Shui master too! It's a bit strange when you think about a Feng Shui giving a food review with a Feng Shui slant, when he said he felt good Feng Shui when having a meal in Jasmine Restaurant. I think this is too much and I don't really believe in this Feng Shui mambo-jumbo, but this does give it a good indication about this Jasmine Cafe Restaurant, don't you think?

If you are looking for some interesting western cuisine with a Dutch slant, do visit Jasmine Cafe House Restaurant and give their food a try.

Jasmine Cafe Restaurant is located on the main street of Tanah Rata in the corner of the first block of shop house on the left if you are coming up from Tapah route.

Jasmine Cafe House Restaurant
No. 45, Jalan Besar
39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05-4911703


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