Where to eat in Cameron Highlands

The Restaurant No. 14

 Try this Restaurant No. 14. offering an assortment of delicious Indian food.

This was indeed a strange name for a restaurant. It seems the name was derived from the address of the shop lot number it resides. Located along the main thoroughfare facing the main street of Tanah Rata, this eatery wasn't hard to find. As most restaurants goes whether it is in Cameron Highlands or elsewhere in Malaysia or even in other travel destinations countries, some tables and chairs were placed out on the five foot walkway. What was it that people just love sitting out in the open, like a curious cat spying on people and absorbing the ambience of the great outdoors, we too like sitting out in the open perhaps likewise in a similar fashion. Sitting outside was a superb way to let in the highland breeze blow against your face while you watch the people walking about and vehicle traffic buzz on by going about their own business.

Do try their Fried Chicken #65, it's very good.

It was nice to sit outside even on an afternoon with the sun shining in. There was no need to worry about rain as the walkway was sheltered from the natural elements though if you sit too near the edge, depending on the weather, you may still catch some rain splashes or hot sunshine on your face. Not to mention it was a great way to socialize and catch up some news and gossip with your circle of friends.

The fare being served by Restaurant No. 14 were the Southern Indian varieties. Very tasty curries to go with your Nasi Briyani or your Banana Leaf Rice, to go with side orders like Fried Chicken #65. Not too sure why the shop owner has a penchant for numbers; perhaps it has got to do with Feng Shui and numerology? Whatever the reason for the numbers, the food taste great and worth a second helping. If main course is too heavy for you, you could opt for lighter meals like roti chanai, chapatti or Beehun Goreng.

Yum! A plate of beehun goreng just right for the palate.

The chapattis are recommendable, very well done, and perhaps healthier than roti chanai because it was less oily in comparison. After a main meal, wash it all down with a frothy cup of teh tarik which literally means "pulled tea" blended with sweeten condense milk. The secret to get a frothy cuppa was the sweeten condense milk, but too much sugar is no good for your body considering the high incidence of diabetic cases around Malaysia. Malaysian has quite a sweet tooth with much food, desserts and drinks having generous dollops of sugar content of which the health minister has cautioned us to control in an attempt to reduce diabetic cases around the country. So make sure to tell the waiter to "kurang manis" (less sweet), they will understand and cut down the amount of sweetener.

Something healthier like Chapati, perhaps?

If teh tarik is not your cup of tea, you could go for their signature mango juice. The cold juice drink was really thick when last I tried it; perhaps a generous amount of mango went into the blender whipping up a really viscous healthy fruit drink. The mango juice was really smooth and went down very well as a finale to a most appetizing meal.

Bon App├ętit!

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Posted on 27-Oct-2007

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