Where to eat in Cameron Highlands

The cozy little T-Cafe restaurant

 T-Cafe the cozy little corner restaurant in Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands.

Tuck away upstairs above the Merrybrown fast food restaurant opposite the Freesia Bus Terminal in Tanah Rata is the cozy little corner T-café. Easily overlooked by new visitors to Cameron Highlands because it is not on the ground floor and outshone by the bright colours of the fast food downstairs. The decorations were simple and not very outstanding. Its simplicity belies its good tasting food at a very reasonable price. Not to mention it was once listed in the Lonely Planet guide book though sadly the new guides has no mention about this place. Well now it is listed here in Cameron-Highland-Destination.com!

T-Cafe is located in a corner above the Merrybrown restaurant tuck away in a corner of Tanah Rata.

I never knew of its existence till some friends of Lena mentioned about this café several years ago. Finding it wasn't too easy too since her friends didn't give clear direction. But once we found it and tried the food there, we almost always had a meal there whenever we visit Cameron Highlands. Now that you know the location you should give it a try when you make your holiday trip.

You enter the outlet by going into an alley next to Merrybrown restaurant. On the wall you can check out its menu and find out what it has to offer. Included in menu is the price list so you know roughly how much you may spend in this establishment. So let's head into the café! Stepping up on the somewhat steep steps and narrow stairway passage bringing you into a dimly lit interior.

T-Cafe main dining hall. Enough to accomodate a sizable group too.

The layout was rather odd, as the entrance was akin to entering it from the back bringing you smack to the front food counter flanked by the manager desk cum casher counter. You may wait for the waitress to guide you to an empty table or find one yourself. For a twosome the window seats are best as you get to view the main road of Tanah Rata, while a big group may require joining a couple of tables. And if you want some privacy for your boisterous group you could always take the room provided it was not already occupied. Most case when a Church group comes they would take up more than half the available tables!

Opened by Therese (hope I got her name right…) this family owned café has a very homely feel. Need something to read while having your meal? Thumb through some of the books and magazines at the cupboard by the sidewall. There was a bulletin board here too with letters and pictures from visitors and guests from all around the world!

Drop a postcard to them and they might just post it up on their board.

Food selection was a delightful fusion of Western and Asian favourites. Feeling like a "Gwailo"? Then go for chicken chops, spaghetti, etc. Asian food more to your liking? Then try their Char Koay Teow or Hokkien Fried Noodles. What I like best here is their desserts which I never failed to order (and sometimes "ta pau" too). They have a delectable selection of variety from scones with Devonshire cream that goes well with English tea, juicy apple pies, pancakes that you can go with butter and honey or ice-cream. Mmm… Oishi ne (oops, excuse my Japanese!) Yep, when my Church gang went, they would really clean out all their desserts!

With reasonable priced food, cozy surroundings, yummy desserts, what more do you want? Head on over to T-Café then!


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Posted on 27-Oct-2007

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