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Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Uncle Chow Kopitiam, one of kind in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands!

"This looked interesting," remarked Kenny, "Let's follow the Uncle Chow Kopitiam signboards." And so we did. We have not been to this area before and decided to explore Taman Royal Lily in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

Continuing from the road where Cameronian Inn was located, we passed by many new shop house that was just completed. Looks like there is still a lot of development going on in Tanah Rata, spreading out from the town centre with new shop buildings and apartments. Following the signboards we soon found ourselves in some apartment blocks with shops on the ground floor. We also spotted a shop selling organic foods, so the missus decided to browse the organic shop while I went to Uncle Chow Kopitiam to have a look see.

The kopitiam is located at the corner of building and the interiors was cosy with tungsten lighting. There were many patrons even at this time of late afternoon, which was a good sign that the food must be good. I wasn't feeling hungry as I had my feel of tea and scones from Cameronian Inn. But it was good to know another place for "makan" in the future.

Approaching the counter, I met up with the lady in charge of Uncle Chow Kopitiam. Turn out she was Aunty Chow, husband to Uncle Chow. She invited me to have a seat and order some of her delicious Nyonya food.

An old man happened to walk in and greeted Aunty Chow and requested for his usual meal. "Ah, a regular." I thought. The food must be good and I must return in future to give this place a try.

Speaking with Aunty Chow, I learned that her dishes are home cooked Nyonya style dishes and just about every dish is tasty. No particular specialty though many would order the assam laksa, prawn mee and curry laksa. There were also the usual nasi lemak dishes which a lot of people also ordered. "Come do give it a try!" she persuaded me again. The Nyonya desserts looked very enticing too!

Aunty Chow herself! Care for a meal here?

She asked me whether I was from Singapore as it seems many Singaporeans do visit her little eatery to try her delicious Nyonya food. Upon further conversation with her, I found out that she and her husband hails from Damansara, Petaling Jaya, near to my house and that they have decided to retire to Cameron Highlands and set up this little coffee shop. Yep, retiring in Cameron Highlands sounded very enticing with the cool climate and easy going lifestyle. Maybe one day...

Anyway from what I see, Uncle Chow Kopitiam looked like a good place to go for a meal, with their specialty on Nyonya food, there isn't many you could find around Cameron Highlands so this is the place to go. In fact they are like the first kopitiam to be set up in Cameron Highlands! It would be a refreshing change from all the usual steamboat restaurant, tea and scones cafes and western style types that are all around Cameron Highlands. So instead of tea and scones, you could go for roti bakar (toasted bread) with kaya and wash it down with the nice aroma of local brewed kopi (coffee). Mmmm... That sure hit the spot.

Like the place? Then head on over there at:

Uncle Chow Kopitiam
Unit C2-G-01, Block C2, Taman Royal Lily
39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Tel: +6012-205 2778

Or better yet, just follow the map below and that should get you there in a jiffy. It is quite easy to find, besides there are sign post along the way so you can't miss it!


Uncle Chow Kopitiam Restaurant in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Been to Uncle Chow's Kopitiam? Than give your feedback!

Map directions to Uncle Chow Kopitiam in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

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Posted on 04-June-2009

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