Uncle Chow's Kopitiam in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Uncle Chow Kopitiam, coffeeshop in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands!

It's been awhile since I last drop by Uncle Chow Restaurant in Taman Royal Lily Cameron Highlands. There were several occasion when I came, the Kopitiam shop was closed. Well I came during an off-peak period and that's when they were taking break from the busy period during the peak holiday season. So this time I was able to meet up with both Mr Chow and Mrs Chow too!

When I drop in this time round, Aunty Chow still remembered me even though it was quite a while; I think more than a year ago. How time flies! And this was the first time I get to meet up with Uncle Chow, and boy was he glad to meet up with me! Apparently he read my previous post of this Uncle Chow Kopitiam and knew about my write up and this time round get to converse with me.

The Kopitiam

Uncle and Aunty Chow has since retired quite some time back and decided to start up this Kopitiam in Cameron Highlands. When it comes to Kopitiam style coffeeshops in the Klang Valley and Singapore, they are a dime and dozen. But not so in Cameron Highlands, so this would indeed be the first of its kind. According to Uncle Chow the local denizens are not quite into Kopitiam coffeeshops just quite yet as the pricing is pretty much like in the Klang Valley and thus not to the local acceptance. However I did see some regulars patronizing Uncle Chow Kopitiam though.

One thing about this Koptiam which Uncle Chow is proud of, is that it made Taman Royal Lily well known. Due to its out of the way location, the many Uncle Chow Kopitiam signboard has placed Taman Royal Lily in the map!

Nasi Lemak and Coffee, yes!

Uncle Chow's nasi lemak and coffee for breakfast

So for my late breakfast, I gave the Nasi Lemak a go based on Uncle Chow recommendation. Well there is the Assam Laksa which was rather popular too, but I'm not into that sour pungent laksa taste. That one is best reserved for my wife when she tag along the next time round. So how fare the Nasi Lemak? There was a nice aroma from the rice which I believe would be the sun tan from the coconut oil. Good nasi lemak should be like that. Plus a nice curry chicken drumstick with the usual Nasi Lemak side servings like ikan bilis, roasted nuts, a half piece hardboiled egg and cut cucumber complete the ensemble. And of course wash it all down with a cup of hot coffee on a cold morning in Cameron Highlands. That sure hits the spot!

If I have the stomach space I could still do well with some Nyonya cakes and such, but I had better reserve my appetite for lunch later. The Nyonya cakes sure looked delectable! Will just have to come again next time to savour them cakes!

Stories to tell

For the rest of the morning I spend some time having a chat with Uncle Chow while the Kopitiam business wind down till the next meal time crowd comes over. Uncle asked me why did I start up this Cameron Highlands Destination travel website anyway and was it worth it? I would say yes, even though it took me many years of building it up from scratch since 2005, it has since grown to be self supporting. Not enough for me to quit my job, but does provide a good supplemental income. It seems Uncle Chow Kopitiam website has lapse as the web designer did not renew his hosting subscription. Very likely once you lose the dot com in cyberspace, you can never recover it again as cyber squatters would pounce on your forgetfulness.

Uncle Chow's delectable selection of Nyonya cakes

Fortunately there are many food bloggers around, though I wouldn't count mine as one since mine was a travel blog about Cameron Highlands. They did help to promote his Kopitiam shop though there is no control over the content written. That how it is with freelancing journalism, but still one should do a bit of self censorship and self evaluation of what is written is deemed suitable for the general readers.

One thing for sure, many visitors to Uncle Chow Kopitiam know the place from searching the web, and I suppose my website is really helping to boost the exposure. That's marketing for you!

Soon it was time for me to go. Time to hop over to the organic shop a few doors away to buy some healthy rice that my missus requested me to get.

So do drop by over this place and meet up with Uncle and Aunty Chow. Find their place here at;

Uncle Chow Kopitiam
Unit C2-G-01, Block C2, Taman Royal Lily,
39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Tel: +6012-205 2778

Or forget about the address, and just look for their signboards plastered around Tanah Rata follow the arrows to their coffeeshop!


Uncle Chow Kopitiam, Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands first post
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Map directions to Uncle Chow Kopitiam in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

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