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Looking for something but just can't find it? Yep, Cameron Highlands cuti cuti Malaysia travel destination is no small place, and so were the articles written about it. I'm constantly adding articles, so my site would probably be getting bigger and bigger. Although I will try to keep the site structure simple, and my site is not really that humongous, but some pages might just get lost somewhere.

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Well, probably the better way would be to search for it! Use the above Google Site Search to search this site for the particular info which you are looking.

You could probably also try searching out my news and info blog, which I do agregate newspaper articles every so often. Some of the news are rather interesting and could supplement your information about the highlands, though the information stored there is rather haphazard.

"Seek and you shall find!" as they said it!

Good luck to your search!

Last update 22-Nov-2008

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