A date with Summer Coffee Tasting at Starbuck Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Look what I stumble upon? Starbucks Coffee Shops around Malaysia is having a promotion. And look what I see in the list? Starbucks Cameron Highlands is included in this Summer Coffee tasting event. I may not be able to try it in Cameron Highlands but I sure got other locations in the lowlands near my place to give it a try.

Starbucks Malaysia Summer Coffee Tasting Flyer
Starbucks Coffee Shops

Further checking on their their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/StarbucksMalaysia), this is what they said:

For the very first time ever... Starbucks Malaysia bring to you Mega-Coffee-Tasting! Just relax, enjoy and learn more about summer's coffee and food sampling too...and goodie pack..it's all complementary on us! ... 24 sessions within 48 hours... come join us!

So if you happen to be in Cameron Highlands on Thursday, 27th of May then phase in your visit to include Starbucks Coffee Shop in Cameron Highlands at about 7.30pm and drink to your heart content! And if you can’t sleep after that from all that caffeine coursing through your body system, well you can take heart you did get it for a good deal, no? (You can read my blog post about too much coffee is not good for you or simply ignore my blog post-lah and enjoy all the coffee without worrying about drinking too much coffee!)

And where is this Starbucks Coffee Shops in Cameron Highlands? In Tanah Rata, where else?

And for the rest of us not way up there? Check out the list and see where is the nearest Starbuck Coffee Shops location you can head out for a caffein fix, I know where I can go to get mine! If you are nowhere near any, them the breaks my dear.

Bottoms up! Err, should be sip and say, ”Ahhhh...”

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