Strawberry Farms

Pick your own strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands, anyone? Sure sounds like interesting things to do in Cameron Highlands for family especially for children! Strawberries is quite a fixture nowadays in this popular highland, back when I first started heading up there for vacation, there was no strawberry farms in sight. Now they are a dime and a dozen. Strawberry farms probably became prominent from 2006 onwards and some farmer with a bright spark must have thought up the idea of picking your own strawberry farms activity!

Strawberry Farms in Cameron Highlands

Yes, there are many strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands, the conducive climate environment sure aids in the growing of strawberries. However I still find them to be rather sour, though some farmers may have figured out how to overcome this and there are some varieties that are a little sweeter tasting. But the best I have tasted so far was my vacation in Paris when my wife and I bought a box in a grocery store somewhere in Paris. With that benchmark in mind, neither of us has not found any strawberries to date that were equal to that delicious box of strawberries!

So sometimes you will see the market sellers or strawberry farms stalls putting a white powdery substance, most likely crushed sugar or something to artificially sweeten the taste! I'm seeing less of this, as the strawberry farmers improve their cultivation technique to harvest better tasting strawberries.

Pick Your Own Strawberry Farms

As things to do in Cameron Highlands, this activity will appeal to children I suppose, frankly speaking I'm not interested in picking any strawberries but I don't mind taking photos of them! Besides it is not cheap, strawberry farms charges a premium for picking strawberries. One nursery owner told me that at one time it use to cost about RM60/box but due to the proliferation of strawberry farms, the going rate for picking strawberries is about RM30-35 per box.

That is still rather expensive considering that buying a box from the market is about RM20 per box or less if they are oversupplied or closing their stalls and want to get rid of their stock quickly.

Also to note that when picking strawberries, the nursery may dispatch a worker to keep an eye on you. They also may advise you on which strawberry to pick. Some visitors may not like the advice, but let's put it this way; the workers know which are ripe and which are not. On the other hand, as tourist just having fun and activity for the child, you probably don't want to care whether the strawberry is ripe or not, it is just a learning experience for the kids, right? I'll leave it up to you on your dealings with the strawberry orchard owners.

Strawberry Farms in Cameron Highlands

So where are the strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands? There are many. Some allow you to pick your own strawberry, some do not. Since they are a dime and a dozen, I just list them down here.

Here goes:

This list of Strawberry Farms may be incomplete, so I will update as I gather more information on where you can find strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. But I should think the above list is more than enough for you to choose a pick your own strawberry farms activities!

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