Strawberry Moments Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

You got the cravings for strawberry? Then head on over to Strawberry Moments Dessert Cafe located in Brinchang Cameron Highlands. You can't miss the place with its bright red and bright green signboard on their shop front.

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

This is certainly one of kind strawberry cafe cake shop around in Cameron Highlands. Just looking at the various cakes and of course top with a strawberry fruit, their theme of strawberry in each of the cakes, would certainly make your mouth drooling uncontrollably. Excuse me while I grab a tissue paper...

This Strawberry Moments Dessert Cafe has been around for awhile, and they advertised quite heavily initially with a big signboard facing the main street where the Brinchang Night Market is usually held.

Well, time to pop by and savour some of the strawberry themed cakes and desserts.

Strawberry desserts and cakes

The baker is certainly very good in presentation, with all those salivating cakes on display, you just can't make up your mind on which one to choose. They have a variety to choose from simple cakes with a strawberry fruit, and doubly sinfully delicious chocolate cake with strawberry, some strawberry mousse, strawberry puddings, and strawberry strudel, and one very ultimate looking extra large strawberry strudel!

Buy one and share it with your loved ones, or if you are a little gluttonously greedy, then buy one each for your family, and wash it all down with a good hot cuppa Cameronian tea (what else? You are after all in Cameron Highlands)!

If you still haven't satisfied your lust of strawberries, then head on over to the next door shop and look around for strawberry produce. They got rows and rows of strawberry related items that you can buy back for souvenirs. From strawberry jams to strawberry flavoured tea, and watch this! Strawberry Premium Roasted coffee beans!

Strawberry shop

Sure, the coffee may be a bit out of place for Cameron Highlands which is all about teas. But it seems lately there has been an invasion of coffee drinking place. I guess coffee still give good caffeine punch that has more kick then tea does.

So got all your strawberry souvenirs in your shopping bag already? Good, it's time to mosey along from this strawberry cafe to your other Cameron Highlands activities.


PS: You might like to drop in to their related shop building / nursery / cafe called Green View Garden / Avant Chocolate Factory Cameron Highlands located along the Simpang Pulai route

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