Taiping Sights and Attractions

Taiping is a really peaceful town for a quick stopover. To avoid a rushed visit when including a visit to Bukit Larut and Taiping Zoo Night Safari, a night's stay would be in order. Other than that a quick pass through should provide you with a rough idea what's Taiping is all about.

Taiping Lake Gardens

You can more or less split up Taiping sights and attractions into two areas, the Kamunting area where the beautiful and scenic Lake Gardens reside, and the Taiping town itself with its many heritage buildings.

If you drive, you can make short work and see most sights in one day.

Starting from the idyllic Kamunting side in no particular order:

Taiping Lake Gardens - This one is too beautiful not to be missed! It seems the lake is not natural but created from disused mining pools in 1880. The road travels around the lake and there are man-made pavilions and bridges on the lake for you to admire more of the scenery. I liked the trees with their long boughs sweeping across the road. Many photographers must have taken this shot countless times!

Taiping War Cemetery Memorial - Commemorating the people who sacrificed their lives during World War Two, the neat rows of tombstone marks the soldiers that were fallen in WWII. There are two cemeteries, one for British and the other for other nationalities.

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari - Considered one of the best managed zoo in Malaysia, the Taiping Zoo would definitely be a treat to the kids. They also have night safari styled after the Singapore Night Safari. Some people said they couldn't see a thing! Well go during the day time then, we all don't have good night vision you know due to lack of eating carrots I suppose!

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) - Smallest hill station in Malaysia. Check your timing to visit this little highland up in the hills. Very peaceful very quiet especially after a bumpy roller-coaster rally ride up to the top!

Burmese Pools - Located between the Taiping Lake Gardens and Bukit Larut is a popular spot for a picnic. With a bridge over the river and nice lush greenery all around. What more can you ask for?

Working your way back to Taiping town, passing by the infamous Kamunting Prison, your next sights and attraction would be:

Perak Museum Taiping - Built in 1883, this is the oldest museum in Malaysia with an impressive collection of ancient weapons, aboriginal implements and archaeological artefacts, including items from Perak’s rich historical culture and heritage. Admission is free.

Taiping Clock Tower - Dwarfed by all the tall buildings around, you might miss it if you didn't pay attention! One of Taiping landmarks right in the middle of the main road in Taiping. Apparently it used to be bigger, but other section of the buildings which used to be a police station and housed a fire brigade was made way for new construction. The Clock Tower now is also used as an information centre.

The Colonial Administrative Building - A very beautiful Victorian style building. Very impressive. Used for official events and gatherings. Located at the entrance to the Taiping Lake Gardens.

Taiping Railway Station - The first railway station to be built in Malaya connecting from Taiping to Port Weld from 1885. However it is now no longer used and apparently has been converted to a Chinese Shop. Hmmm...

Taiping Municipal Council Building - With its bright wash white exterior, you can't miss it. Build by the British and has a typical colonial architecture.

Taiping Old Market - located in the centre of Taiping is this old wet market built probably around 1884. It is still being used today, and if you are lucky you might spot some locals betting whether it will rain on that day or not!

Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart - Built in 1875, it was first made of wood. Later it was rebuilt with stronger materials in 1884.

St Louis Church - this one was built in 1937. With the above church, these two churches are pretty much amongst the oldest churches around in Perak.

And of course I wouldn't be able to list them all. There are just too many of them. All around Taiping are the many heritage buildings preserved for tourist like you and I. With a camera in hand, a good weather, you might just get that perfect shot of Taiping, the ever peaceful town.

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