Planning Your Cameron Highlands Itinerary Trip

Cameron Highlands old map. Plan your travel itinerary.

A number of people have asked what to do for a say 3 days / 2 nights Cameron Highlands trip. Despite the vast information in my website, many seemed to be at a loss as to what to do on their vacation travel holiday to this beautiful place. I have received this question several times in my Comments / Feedback form that I may as well write up a post on what you could plan for your Cameron Highlands trip.

This travel plan is usually best suited for locals, basically Malaysians and Singapore who usually can't spare an entire week or month to relax in the cool highlands. Also it depends on what interest you so this is just a general guide and don't take it as granted as the best travel destination plan. Some sights and attractions can be pretty boring to one person and it could be very interesting to another. Even for myself I have my own likes and dislikes.

Lata Iskandar Waterfall

Also there will be some assumption like you have your own transport and the distance from your house to Cameron Highlands is approximately 4 hours and that you don't take breaks and stops along the way and that you make a beeline straight to Brinchang or Tanah Rata and that your sightseeing will probably start when you hit the winding road to the highlands.

By the way, for first timers, there is a tendency to cram as many sights and attractions I suppose. There is no need to that. Just plan for another time when you can come back to explore Cameron Highlands once again.

So here goes the travel itinerary:

For planning a relaxing 3 days 2 nights Cameron Highlands itinerary using the Tapah route up on the assumption it is a Friday/Saturday/Sunday weekend trip.

Day 1 (Friday)

  • Morning drive to Cameron Highlands
  • Lunch probably in one of those PLUS Expressway R'n'R places
  • Afternoon start on the winding road to Tanah Rata
  • Along the way stop by Lata Iskandar Waterfall
  • Once you pass by Ringlet, stop by the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake and visit Lakehouse Hotel for some relaxing afternoon tea and scones and take pictures in the garden
  • Tea plantation view from tea shop
  • Once you pass Habu, you will pass by Bharat Tea Plantation and there is an urge to stop by the Tea Shop. There are two, take the second shop a little further down
  • Go to your accommodation and check in and unpack your things and relax awhile
  • Walk out or drive to town centre and have a walkabout. If your town has night market, then join the mad crowd, otherwise relax yourself and decide on which restaurant you want to your meal. (See the Cameron Highlands restaurant list)
  • If after dinner you still want to go gung-ho for a night cap, go for any of the Indian Restaurant for teh tarik or else retire to your accommodation to watch TV or play some board games if any that you brought along

Day 2 (Saturday)

  • Wake up early or wake up lazily late, up to you
  • Go for breakfast either at Mamak Indian Restaurant or head out to Brinchang for any of the Chinese hawker stalls. If prefer English Western style breakfast, head out to Lord's Café (T-Café) or Cameronian Inn.
  • Have yourself a meal at an Indian Restaurant
  • Eat too much? If weather is good, go for a simple walk amongst the nature by going for Parit Trail Jungle Walk Path # 4
  • If walking in jungle not your palate, but still want to walkabout with some nature you have several options:
    • Go to MARDI Agrotechnology Park and visit the various gardens and explore the plants that they are experimenting on
    • Or head out to Boh Tea Plantation
      • First Choice at Sungai Palas via Kea Farm
      • Alternate Choice at Fairlie Tea Plantation via Habu
    • Or visit the Rose Center at Kea Farm
    • Or visit the Big Red Strawberry Farm and have yourself a big fat dessert once you reached the café shack.
  • Go for lunch
  • Continue with your exploration or go for wholesale borong of vegetables, plants and flowers at Kea Farm and various markets and nurseries
  • Or you may want to leave the marketing to the last day and explore the Bee Apiary, Butterfly Farms and some historical learning at Time Tunnel.
  • After 3pm, wind down to some afternoon tea, if you are willing to spend, go to YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, otherwise head to Smokehouse Hotel and Bar or Bala Chalet and enjoy your cup of tea and walkabout the beautiful garden for some snapshots!
  • Go back to your abode and unpack your purchases and relax awhile before going for dinner
  • If not already visited, you may visit the night market and join the mad crowd
  • Or else go for nice rub down in any of the massage parlours in Cameron Highlands
  • Return to hotel for well needed rest

Day 3 (Sunday)

  • Final day! Wake up early or lazily late if tired, pack up your things into your car check out and go for breakfast
  • If you still haven't wholesale borong enough vegetables, plants and flowers, you can still do so today with last minute marketing
  • Assuming you are using the Simpang Pulai way down, you may drop by other markets and nurseries along the way
  • You may have simple lunch in Kea Farm or Watercrest Restaurant
  • You may consider to have a last minute visit to Boh Sg Palas Tea Plantation or skip it and visit the less spectacular Bharat Tea Shop somewhere in Tringkap / Kuala Terla
  • Shop at the many market stalls in Cameron Highlands
  • You are now almost on your way home, there are some more last minute market and café along the Simpang Pulai route, if you so wish you could stop by here before finally letting go and say good-bye to Cameron Highlands as you make your way downhill and dream of your next visit!

So there you go! Tweak your Cameron Highlands itinerary plan as you go along with it. You are unlikely to be able to follow through as there are many distractions along the way. But it gives you a fair idea on what to do and plan your trip to Cameron Highlands!


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