Step In CH Vegetable Farm Cameron Highlands

This vegetable farm called "Step In CH" in Cameron Highlands didn't look like much from the outside. Very often I would just sail on by along the Simpang Pulai road to Kg Raja. So this time around, I spied their little signboard again with the inviting Step In signboard and I decided to take up the welcoming offer and have a look see.

Step In CH Vegetable Farm Cameron Highlands

From the road, you couldn't see much about this little vegetable farm and you would have thought that this place was not worth a look and just sail on by. Since I have a little spare time that day I thought I just give a quick look. Heading in on the cement road, the shelter was rather simple, with a Proton Wira parked by the side.

Step In CH signboard

"Looks like a quiet vegetable farm," I thought. Nevertheless I parked my car and "step in" to this unassuming little abode. Walking in, I noted that this little vegetable farm provides some activities. Written on the white sign board were the words, "Pick your own fresh vegetables". Although I was on my objective of listing vegetable farms and garden nurseries that provide picking your own strawberry activity, this vegetable farm is going one up with picking your own fresh vegetables!

Stepping in, a lady greeted me. She introduced herself as Ah Fun and was glad to have some company even though I explained I'm just having a look and not really buying anything. She said not worry and don't mind the company as it was a very quiet day since it was a weekday. She usually gets more customers on the week end and since she has nothing much to do, she could devote her time to entertain me. Although this vegetable farm is small she does get her regular visitors. I should think so too, given her very warm personality.

Ah Fun showing me her vegetable farm and garden

She took me around the vegetable farm and proceeded to show the various vegetables and plants that are grown around the place. Regarding the strawberries, I asked whether the visitors would just simply pick them and would thus end up with those sour and unripen strawberries? She replied that usually she will guide them on how to pick the correct strawberry, and she picked a couple for me to try too!

Apart from strawberries, she also planted some raspberry and this of course is rather sour in comparison with strawberries. She also showed me various types of plants and herbs including mint, Stevia (a natural sweetener from South America), and liquorice amongst others. In fact many of this plants and shrubs I would have thought they were just roadside weeds if she didn't tell me that they were this plant or that. Quite an interesting farm lessons I'm getting here!

The liquorice plant

While exploring her little vegetable farm, we walked down a path where it open up and we have a grand breathtaking view of the farming valley in this part of Cameron Highlands.

"That's Kampung Sungai Ikan," she said, "Where the vegetable farms are cultivated using hydroponics."

It seems hydroponics way of growing vegetables are pretty damaging to the environment. The amount of chemicals used for growing fruits and vegetables do get washed out a lot into the rivers. Some of chemicals are quite toxic that even the farmers' dog died! So imagine if you eat fruits and vegetables grown using hydroponics! I shudder to think about it, and would make a note not to purchase produce grown using hydroponics.

Breathtaking view of vegetable farm valley in Cameron Highlands

Probably the safest produce to eat would be the organic vegetables. In fact, Ah Fun is trying her hand at growing organic vegetables on a small section of her vegetable farm. Her little modest organic vegetable garden may not be much right now since it is still experimental. To grow organically, you would need to prepare the soil, sort of a healing process for the soil before growing any vegetable produce on it. In addition some vegetables are easier than others to grow them organically.

I guess nowadays people are getting more health conscious, and for those who can afford it would pay a premium to avoid or minimise the amount of contaminants in the food we eat.

I had a very good time discussing with her about the various things about vegetables and health related matters, coupled with her warm pleasant personality I give this place a good thumbs up for a visit. Perhaps next time I would bring along my missus, I'm sure they would enjoy this visit.

So if you want a pleasant vegetable farm visit in Cameron Highlands do "step in" to this place!

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