Brinchang Night Market
in Cameron Highlands

Here's a quick tour of Brinchang night market in Cameron Highlands. Night market aka Pasar Malam as is anywhere in Malaysia is also very popular here. With the cool night's air, it is even nicer than those night market in the lowlands or city.

The night market starts as early 3pm when traders will start to set up their make shift stalls with more traders coming and setting up their temporary stalls towards the evening. By 4 to 5 pm onwards the Brinchang Night Market will be in full swing. If you want to have daylight for better viewing of what you are buying, then come around this time.

The Brinchang Night Market is available only on Weekends, Public Holidays and Malaysia School Holidays. Check the calendar to find out when the school holidays starts and ends.

Also around this time the traffic congestion will begin to take its toll on the road users coming up from Simpang Pulai way and the traffic jam can be felt as far off as Tringkap. Of course you can't blame it solely on this night market, other markets along the way like Kea Farm, Multicrops Farmers Arcade and several other nurseries along the road contribute to the traffic congestion as people slow down to look for parking or trying to find their way out from the mad, mad traffic!

The congestion is pretty bad when there is a long weekend when it coincides with any public holidays. School holidays aren't so bad, well, after all not every parent can tear themselves off during the week day to be their children for a nice holiday. A normal weekend is still bearable I suppose, but why take the chance of getting stuck in traffic? Be smart and use the old up from Tapah if you are coming in late in the afternoon and evening to Cameron Highlands.

The layout of the Brinchang night market is pretty simple. It is lined on either side of the main road entering into Brinchang town, with the roadside vegetable markets on one side towards the police quarters, and mostly food stalls on the opposite side. Usually we head towards the food stalls first grab some grub before going for the veggies. Of course, it is entirely up to you how you want to do it. Shop for veggies first, then makan or vice-versa!

The Brinchang Night Market video is a simple one; hopefully it gives visitors a glimpse of what you can find in the vegetable markets.


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