A 360° travel destinations video tour of Brinchang Cameron Highlands

This is a quick travel destinations video tour of Brinchang, Cameron Highlands showcasing some of the shops and restaurants around the town center. Brinchang is smaller in size compared with Tanah Rata; however, I felt that the eateries here are much tastier than those in Tanah Rata. Not withstanding there was many Chinese Restaurant here that not only provides the usual ever popular steamboat, but also provide wok fired dishes.

Some of these restaurants have been shifting around town, for example the Highlands' Restaurant charcoal steamboat was shifted from the ground floor of Jasmine Hotel to the other side of Brinchang where the road leads to Hotel Rosa Passadena.

This time my wife and I had a meal at the O.K. Tuck restaurant which was fairly crowded. The meals were superb and the prices were reasonable. We thought it was a new restaurant but when we spoke with the captain, it turn out they were established more than 10 years already. It was just that they had to shift their premises due to tenancy expiry. They had already shifted several times until this present location.

And after our meal, we had nothing better to do and went over to a convenience store and browsed around. Guess what? My wife ended up buying some cute slippers and some household items. Hey, we could have bought those items back in good old Kuala Lumpur! Since we were there, and the prices weren't inflated like those shops in Genting Highlands, may as well make the purchases. When it comes to Cameron Highlands, you don't really have to "pack your kitchen" so to speak, just about anything you could get from here at a reasonable price.

Apparently Cameron Highlands is becoming more popular, so apart from the Secret Recipe franchise setting up a store here, we now have KFC, our Malaysian shorthand for Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was just established here this year 2007. Perhaps one day we may have the other franchise outlets like McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, or even local ones like Kopitiam. It will be like an invasion of the franchisors. Only time will tell if any of these will come to past.

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