Travel Destinations Video Tour:
Parit Waterfall Jungle Walk Trail #4

This was a travel video tour of the Parit Waterfall Jungle Walk Trail #4. The video begins with the path next to the Century Pines Resort Hotel. It is an easy trail to take with the initial path sandwiched between the hotel wall and the river. As you walked along the trail, it meanders around taking you deeper into the jungle forest with the relaxing soothing sound of running river. After short walk the jungle opens out as you reach a deserted playground looking out of place amidst the lush trees around it. I don't know whose idea was it but I felt the playground ought not to be there, as its location is not that convenient and not to mention the trees that was removed making it looking bare naked.

At the playground, you could either take the path on the left which leads you directly to the Parit Waterfall, or take the scenic route via the hanging bridge.

The path was easy as it was paved so you don't have to contend with uneven ground. However having it paved did made the path slippery on a wet day. I almost slipped a few times, though fortunately I managed to regain my balance without falling on my bum. Balancing was made a little more difficult having to carry an umbrella along. I could have use it as a walking stick but that would have made the umbrella tip muddy and wouldn't have helped much if I were to leaned heavily on it resulting in perhaps a broken umbrella as it was not meant to be used as a walking stick.

The Parit Falls was not the end of the route, you could continue on towards the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) where at the office you could inquire about its facilities such as camping. Along the way you could take a detour where another path branching out to the right head up towards a watchtower located on top of a hill. It has a splendid view of the Cameron Highlands surrounding.

All in all, it would just take you about an hour worth of leisurely walk.

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