Travel Destinations Video Tour of Ramadhan Buka Puasa

It's that time of the year where Muslim fast during the Ramadhan month. I'm taking a detour from my usual Cameron Highlands travel destinations articles for awhile. And when there is breaking of fast, there are goodies galore! Yummy stuffs like satay, nasi lemak, roti chanai, kuih-muih are just waiting to be eaten. It is a case of gluttony? No, just love to eat! Especially that grilled ikan pari-pari (Stingray).

And as usual, just behind my office there will be a long row of buka puasa stalls hawking their stuffs to cater for the people breaking of fast. As working people, our homes are situated rather some distance away, and having fasted for 12 long hours, it would be nice to have a meal ready when the time came to break fast rather than having to travel back home to take a meal. Stomach would really be complaining by then! Yeah, I know, 'cause I have fasted before like when the Church calls for fasting and prayer. And with such terrible traffic congestion nowadays it will take a long time to return home.

Usually the first few days are the most difficult as the body adjust to the abstinence of food from its usual schedule. One of my Malay colleagues said that not eating and drinking was not so difficult. The most difficult was abstaining from smoking! I guess the withdrawal of nicotine from the body's system is quite a strain.

These stalls open rather early, about 4pm onwards. Though sometimes I do spot a few stalls starting much earlier than that. Certain items require a longer preparation such as the sup tulang as it takes long hours of boiling the bones to extract that ultimate essence from the meat and bones.

The stalls are not just for Muslims only. As a multi-cultural country other denominations enjoy sampling these foods too. We as a cross cultural society have no qualms eating each other's food within the permissible tenets of our religion.

The stalls operate like the Pasar Malam style with stalls set along the street. Very much like the night market in Brinchang. Except that only food are served. No fresh vegetables, wares and souvenir for sale here. These ad hoc stalls only comes during the Ramadhan month just to cater for the breaking of fast and they are set up in various location around the office blocks. The stall owners are always same year in year out. I spotted my favourite grilled ikan pari-pari stall. Hark! He even remembers me and asked about my wife!

And this time I got his contacts, so you can call in an order or inquire to them if you want.

Azie Ramsi 016-309 2369
Or his wife at 016-667 0012

But better to call his wife 'cause he is usually busy cooking!

Perhaps you want to look for his shop? They are located at:

As'syaq Catering
Kafetaria Blok E2, Aras 2,
Kompleks Kerajaan Parcel E,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62602 Putrajaya, Selangor.

So much for familiarity. So without much ado, enjoy my short clip about the Buka Puasa stalls. And last but not least, wishing all my Muslim readers Selamat Berbuka Puasa dan Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!


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