Cameron Highlands Destination Wedding Photography Tips

Getting married? Congratulations! Nothing like the bliss of marriage, right? Of course before getting married you need the customary wedding reception photos and other what's not. And where else to snap some beautiful destination wedding photos other than, you guess it! Cameron Highlands! So let's talk about some destination wedding photography tips on where you might capture that blissful look for your wedding photo album.

Wedding reception photos at the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe

With the highlands cool climate, you can take the whole day without feeling the heat of the hot weather bearing down on you. Of course for the wedding photographers, too bad for them-lah! Yes, taking wedding photos is a very tiring affair not just for the marrying couples, but also for the wedding photographers themselves.

I have helped out my brother-in-law to capture some wedding reception photos and to say the least; it is very, very tiring! However the results is very satisfying after capturing a thousand photos at least, and then screening through the photos and looking for that perfect wedding photo shot.

This is not the usual travel photos and journal photos posted around this Cameron Highlands Destination website but serious wedding photography.

Trying to find some destination wedding photo places? Yep, you found one of the right places. Nothing like good old Cameron Highlands to get some good travel destination wedding photos with its cool green surround, old colonial buildings and bungalows, tea plantation and many interesting settings just for that perfect wedding photo.

Here are some wedding photography tips to where you might find the perfect place to capture some nice destination wedding photos in Cameron Highlands. Having a good location helps to bring out the creative idea from your wedding photographer. After all, they have to think very hard on how to deliver what they promise to you (I know, I'm in their shoes too, but the pressure is on my brother-in-law, I just tag along for the photography interest, after all, I do love photography! Why else did I invest in a Canon EOS 30D digital SLR camera for?)

Wedding photos - wedding ring ceremony

It takes a keen eye to look out for details. Those who don't know much about photography like my mom-in-law who once commented several times why am I taking photos of old junk in some corner of Cameron Highlands or some places; ah, these are the things and settings that have character! Of course modern, clean looking places and items have their place in a photo album; however it is the old, run down places that give the flavour. It is like a well matured wine that is aged well and has the full bodied aroma, a swish of wine in a wine glass with its clarity seen through, a whiff of aroma reminiscent of barrel oaks and grapes that provides you with images of vineyards in faraway lands... Ok, ok, I'm carried away from my overactive imagination. Creative people tend to do that.

As I was saying here are some wedding photography tips of location that you might consider for taking some pre-wedding photos:

Lakehouse Hotel, Smokehouse Hotel and Bala's Chalet. Yes, nothing like good old Tudor architecture structure with its white walls and dark brown lines as a backdrop. And of course they have beautiful gardens too. Some soft focus here and there you might just get that dreamy fantasy wedding photo. Before you can go romping around the interiors and garden, you have to be their guest first, so either you take up lodging in the hotel or have a meal before going on your wedding photos extravaganza.

This is something that just pop up in my mind, but it could be used, never the less, however you may need to ask for permission first with Father's Guest House Hotel to use their place as your background prop. They have some unusual semi-circular barracks that could be used as your wedding photo back ground. In addition, they have a nice bungalow. You never know... It all depends on how creative is your wedding photographer.

There is some simple garden tuck away in Heritage Hotel. It is located at the back, next to the restaurant downstairs. It is kinda dark in there because of the high walls of Heritage Hotel and jungle foliage surrounding the garden. Nevertheless, your wedding photographer might be able to come up with something.

Tea Plantations. Visiting Cameron Highlands without a photo of tea plantation? No way! Least of all wedding photos too! With the soothing green of tea plants all around, who can resist not to not take any photos or even wedding photos? This is a must, yes? Of course your wedding photographer must figure out how to do it. A sea of green tea leafs is no easy, or your wedding photo would just end up uninspiring. You might end up at the living quarters of the tea plantation workers, the bright blue of the building can be something interesting. And what about the Boh Tea Centre with its modern looking structure or even the Boh Tea Factory? Aha! More ideas for your wedding photography album and more hard work for your wedding photographer.

And after all the hard work trudging and posing, at the end of the day go look for some quiet spot for an afternoon tea and scones. Cameronian Inn comes to mind, and sure it may be a small place, why not take this opportunity to have some fresh scones and a hot cup of Cameron tea and perhaps some wedding photo opportunity? Hmmm... Can't even relax while taking a break!

Them the breaks, my dear. Whenever photo opportunity arises, out comes the wedding photographer's digital camera; snap, snap, snap; flash, flash, flash; after all this is the time to take pre-wedding photos for your wedding photo album. Once you go back, the photographer has to rely on what was taken and make best use of what they have to make your ultimate awesome wedding photo album!

And of course, relax, and smile, nothing spoils a wedding photo shot than a smile that is force out!

So I hope the above destination wedding photography tips would help you in your decision of choosing Cameron Highlands as part of your wedding planning of taking destination wedding reception photos!


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