Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, in its own natural self, is a perfect getaway especially if you are one who hates the heat and sun. The highlands have much to offer to anyone coming here and it is not only the cool weather that draws the thousands.

Nature does not equal boring

At nightfall, the fog comes out in Cameron Highlands. This, however, does not mean that you should stay indoors. In fact, you should go out and about around the town center. Brinchang town comes alive at night. Perhaps the most significant happening here is the weekend Pasar Malam which to the locals mean ‘night market’. Otherwise, check out the other attractions that you can enjoy here.

Cameron Local Delicacies

Cameron Highlands Steamboat or Hotpot

Steamboat (also known as hot pot) is a pot of boiling chicken soup heated by gas fire stove. Some of the restaurants served two soups in a pot – fiery chili broth and chicken soup. Other than that, diners can also ask for spicy tom yum soup or herbal soup. Diners are free to pick from a wide choice of food available such as raw chicken meat, thinly sliced beef, vegetables, mushroom, fishballs, tofu, noodles and seafood and placed the ingredients into the simmering metal pot of soup. Using the ladles provided by the restaurant, diners must scoop the cooked ingredient from the pot and eat it with special dipping sauce.

Pasar Malam – Your complete stop for everything Cameron

If you are in Cameron Highlands during the weekend, then head out to the police station in Brinchang town. Or you could just follow the stream of people walking towards there during the evenings. Take note that this occurs only during Fridays and Saturdays. Come sundown, the market literally comes alive. You will find a lot of items on sale here at very affordable prices. In fact, try to hunt for the local stuff here like:

  1. Fresh strawberries
  2. Vegetables
  3. Honey products
  4. Flowers

Apart from that, you should come with an empty stomach because there are so many things to eat here. A MUST-TRY here is the Apom Balik, which is a type of local pancake with corn. And that is just one of the many other foods you can try here. What makes this experience all the more special is that you do not have to worry about sweating!!

Local Food – A complete range of cuisine

You would probably know that there are all types of cuisine in Cameron Highlands. If you have had a good dinner, then you might like to check out the hawker centers around the town areas. One of the places you can go is at the bus terminal in Tanah Rata where you can enjoy a bowl of Tomyam soup or Sup Kambing, which are local favorites here. This would warm you up if you are feeling cold at the highlands.

Enjoy the Nightlife as good as the cities

Although Cameron Highlands is a popular nature destination, it is not all about greeneries and vegetation. If you are one who likes the nightlife and drinks in a cool place, then you are practically spoilt for choice. There are all types of bars and pubs here to quench your thirst for any type of drinks here, alcoholic or otherwise. There are several places that you should take note of though which are:

  1. Traveller’s Bistro & Pub – This pub is in Tanah Rata and is one of the most popular hangouts for those wanting to watch a live game. Foreigners love this pub
  2. Jungle Bar & Restaurant – A very cozy place to enjoy a drink when the sun sets in Daniel’s Lodge. Finding the place can be tricky though
  3. Highlander Bar – Located in Tanah Rata, there is a live pianist here that entertains if you like a slow and easy place to unwind
  4. Strawberry Club – if you like to sing your hearts out, this place is perfect as it is a Karaoke lounge. Later at night, the dance floor comes alive and you can dance the night away!
  5. Vintage Bar – This bar is a nice place to go if you like to drink and enjoy some food along the way. It is at the Heritage Hotel which is not far from the town center