Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

One of the best travel destinations place to relax in Cameron Highlands is sipping tea, having some scones to go with it. What better place to go about doing it at the tea plantation itself!

Cameron Highlands cool climate provide an ideal place to grow tea. There are other plantation around, like the Bharat tea plantation which you will pass by between Tanah Rata and Habu.

There is a tea shop overlooking the estate place. A nice place to stop by and give your legs a stretch.

It use to be a simple tea shop, but has since been renovated to include a shop selling the Bharat teas besides selling nice hot cup of tea.

It has a great view of the Bharat Tea Plantation, and if you like, you can take a stroll to their factory located below or even run around the tea plantation itself! I’m sure the kids would like it!

Narrow roads but worth the Adventure

The journey to the Boh tea house is quite an adventure itself! The road to either the Boh (Fairlie) and Sungai Palas tea estates are rather narrow.

Do give a honk or two while negotiating a corner to let oncoming traffic know there is a car coming. Gets kind of fun to honk the horn after a while!

If there is indeed an oncoming car coming on the opposite direction, either you or the other driver will have to go one side and let the traffic pass. There will be stretches of road where it is sufficiently wide for two vehicles to pass through.

Narrow roads aside, the view of green rolling hills, with the neat regular rows of tea plants, it’s such a relaxing feeling! Many a times, you may want to stop your car, and just walk in the tea plantation and pick some tea leafs yourself!

Tea Shop with Souvenirs

Upon reaching the tea shop, you may want to go for the factory tour first before proceeding to the tea shop. Guided factory tours are provided free of charge to show how the tea leaf is processed.

You will need to check with them when the guided tour is conducted when you arrive there.

Also note that both the factory and the tea shop is closed on Monday. So if you are walking all the way there, which is quite a long distance, you will be dissapointed to find it closed!

Both the Fairlie and Sungai Palas estate has got tea shops where you can order a variety of teas, and some cakes to go with it too. Relax and sip tea, and just enjoy the environ of the area!