The Insider’s Guide to Cameron Highlands Apartment

If you got more than just a couple, staying in Cameron Highlands apartment would make more sense as you can house your entire family clan. In addition, staying in an accommodation like an apartment in Cameron Highlands has certain advantages over normal hotel rooms. More than all these, you could actually do your own cooking, and of course steamboat always comes to mind when it comes to cooking in Cameron Highlands–must be something to do with the cold weather and a nice hot meal to warm your body up.

Most Cameron Highlands apartments are not managed like the hotel chains; some were built initially as a home. Somehow the demand for apartments in Cameron Highland led to some very enterprising highland residents to rent out for oversize families who want to have a great time bringing the whole family clan affordably without breaking the piggy bank.

The quality and condition of the apartments varies even if located in the same location because the owner is responsible for furnishing it and renting of the unit is not always managed by the owner but passed to some third party for housekeeping and maintenance.

Even a good one like Greenhill Apartments located next to Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands has units that are managed by Berjaya Leisure and privately owned units pass to third party companies to managed and maintain. So if you can spare to pay extra, likely you would get better quality Cameron Highlands apartment accommodation.

There are many apartments in Cameron Highlands to choose from, however do note that some are not really apartments, but houses masquerading as apartment, and some are hotels purposely build as apartment accommodation which may or may not have cooking facilities.

Also do note that the kitchen sink condition of many apartments tend to get blocked–well you know the reason, we all like to “makan“, thus blocked sink from food debris–so you have to tolerate some amount of inconveniences. I think the kitchen is the most abused part of any apartment due to heavy cooking and they need the most maintenance from the owners or third party companies looking after the units.

If the Cameron Highlands apartment is cheaper than others, the likelihood is that you should not expect too much from that particular unit that you are renting out either, though hopefully at least the bare necessity like cleanliness and workable condition and perhaps Astro satellite would not be asking too much, no?

So here is a simple list of Apartment in Cameron Highlands. Some of the contacts listed out are not apartments but actually are the agents that are managing various apartments for rent in Cameron Highlands.

And as usual, I can’t vouch for any even if I have stayed in some of them, because of different owners and different agents managing them. Some of course are straight managed by a hotel chain and managed by themselves or owners who are in the hospitality business would also be managing the place by themselves too.