Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail List

For the more ecological minded visitors, Cameron Highlands has many jungle trails. It is a wonderful way to explore the countryside’s fauna and flora. One of the nice outdoor adventure things to do in Cameron Highland!

Trails range from the simple to the very challenging. Only basic sketch maps of trails with route numbered accordingly are available. You can buy the Cameron Highland map from any souvenir shops or petrol kiosk in Cameron Highlands.

Some precaution will be well advised before embarking on any jungle trail trekking. Bring plenty of water, whistle, matches or lighters, warm clothing, torches, and the indispensable mobile phone fully charged. Of course don’t overload yourself with too much gear! You are not going for full blown jungle camping!

You never know, whether a simple stroll into the jungle trail may turn out to be a jungle survival situation! Especially if embarking on a very challenging trail! Don’t end up like the case of Jim Thompson!

Do inform the hotel staffs, Polis or friends if embarking on a serious jungle trekking expedition. It may be advisable to hire a guide for this kind of endeavor.

Well, if you ever do get lost, the district officer will have to call in the Orang Asli trackers. Being the aborigine of Cameron Highlands, they are expert hunters and will surely track you down!

What are the things to do in Cameron Highlands? Let’s go jungle walking! 

Trail 1– This is a rarely used trail starting from the army living quarters at the northern top end of Brinchang. It leads up to Mt. Brinchang, Cameron Highlands highest peak at 2,032 meters. This trail is difficult, and being rarely used, meaning the trail is not so well define with less trampling of the path. Precaution is needed here as trekkers have gotten themselves lost in this trail.

Trail 2– This trails starts from behind Cameron Highlands’ Sam Poh Buddhist temple. The route is difficult with undulating path. It joins up with Trail 3.

Trail 3– This trails starts at the Arcadia Cottage where the road stops from the golf course. The trail is easy. However, upon meeting up with trail 2, the continuation of trail 3 will become steeper on the way up to Mt. Beremban at 1,812 meters. Along the way, you can choose to branch off to trail 5 avoiding the steep path to Mt. Beremban. Continuing with trail 3 will join up with trail 7 and trail 8. Estimate to require about 4 hours going up and down the trail. It has a good view of Tanah Rata from the top.

Trail 4 (Parit Waterfall Trail)– This is one of the more frequently used trail as it is easy and it leads to the Parit Waterfall. It takes approximately 30 minutes, and has a good picnic spot. Start the trail either from the forestry department or behind the Garden Inn Hotel. You can have a look at some of the photos of Parit jungle walk at the picture photos page.

Trail 5– Starts from MARDI (Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute). It is an easy trail through the woodlands. It joins up to trail 3.

Trail 7– This trail also starts from MARDI (Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute). It heads straight to Mt Beremban. Very difficult and challenging trek!

Trail 8– This trail leads off from trail 9, which is the trail from the Robinson Waterfall. This is another trail to climb up Mt Beremban.

Trail 9/9a (Robinson Waterfall Trail)– This is the Robinson Waterfall trail. It is frequently walked path by visitors and takes approximately one hour. Starts from Robinson Power Station and ends up in Tanah Rata. The route 9a that branches off to the road to Boh estate is less steep than the route to Tanah Rata. You will hear the gushing sound of rushing water before you reach the waterfalls.


Jungle Trail Map 2 to 5, 7 to 9/9a

More things to do in Cameron Highlands? Well, more jungle trail for you to explore!

Trail 6– This trails starts from the factory at Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation. The trail leads up to Mount Jasar at 1,670 meters. It joins up with trail 10.

Trail 10, 11 & 12 (Jasar Trail)– Trail 10 starts from behind the Oly Apartments in Tanah Rata, with quite a tough trek to Mount Jasar (1,670 meters). There is a split to trail 11 which bypass the summit climb. Both Trail 10 & 11 leads to Mount Perdah (1,551 meters), which somehow links to trail 12 to the point halfway along the road to the weather meteorological station.

Trail 13– This trail starts from behind the Cameronian Holiday Inn. It merges with trail 14.

Trail 14– A moderate trail leading up to Mount Mentigi (1,535 meters). Said to have great views. Start at from the Vetinarian Department in Tanah Rata, proceeding south to Mount Mentigi, eventually emerging on the at the 8km Tanah Rata road.

Coral Hill Trail– Located near the JKR quarters, 4km from the Cameron Highlands town of Brinchang, is a trail leading to Coral Hill. It is a nature lovers trail and considered to be easy to jungle trek. It takes about 15 minutes climb to reach the narrow summit of white coral-like rock, which in actual fact is made up of quartzite. Along the way, visitors may spot rare sights of lichens, pillow-like moss beds, Rhododendron bushes and various species of wild orchids.

Precautions for jungle trekking

Before embarking on your trail blazing jungle trekking expedition in Cameron Highlands, here’s a checklist of things to do and prepare:


  1. Water – bring plenty of it as you possibly could, without burdening yourself. Water is heavy to trudge around in the jungle, but very necessary to bring sufficient amount to quench your thirst.
  2. Food or snacks – a little extra food is good for picnics and well, do keep some for emergencies too.
  3. Matches or Lighters – to make fire at night to keep warm, though it may be difficult to start a fire if the twigs of wood is damp. Good for making smoke signals too!
  4. Warm clothing – nights can get real cold! Brrr…!
  5. Torches – maybe a small one to keep your gear light.
  6. Mobile Hand phone – make sure it is fully charge. You may get lucky to catch some signal to call out for help. Don’t forget to bring along the hotel phone number or the local emergency numbers.
  7. Pieces of paper with pen/pencil – good for marking trails and helps to start a fire easily.
  8. Some medication would be helpful, like antiseptics, bandages, paracetamol (pain killers), anagelsics, etc.
  9. Knife – an invaluable asset in a survival situation.


Before embarking on a trekking expedition, it would be wise to inform friends or hotel staff about your activity, and approximately when you will be expected to return from the Cameron Highlands’ trail.

Above all, be positive! An optimistic outlook keeps a person going till rescued, even in difficult situations. One of my favorite reference book is the John Wiseman’s SAS Survival Guide. Buy a pocket version to bring along!

It may prove to be invaluable!