Greenhill Resort Cameron Highlands

When travelling to the serene and peaceful environment of Cameron Highlands, it would be best to stay at a hassle-free and convenient place. Hence, the Greenhill Resort Apartment Cameron Highlands offers one of the best choices for a truly rewarding vacation for groups of friends and families.

Greenhill Resort is a very unique accommodation choice because of its strategic location and range of amenities and facilities to ensure that you experience an unforgettable time when vacationing at one of best holidaying destinations in the country.

At Greenhill Resort Apartment Cameron Highlands, you will find an accommodation choice which is located within arm’s length of some of the major landmarks of Cameron Highlands where the Greenhill Resort is essentially made up of a few blocks of apartments.

All the units within the Greenhill Resort Apartment Cameron Highlands are serviced with lifts which makes it easily accessible and easy to reach.

Beautiful Sceneries and peaceful environment

Greenhill Resort Apartment Cameron Highlands is surrounded with some of the most beautiful sceneries which are engulfed within the rich rainforests amidst its cool and comfortable weather. Hence, you can expect a peaceful and tranquil moments when staying here with either your friends and family.

At Greenhill Resort, you will be located very near to Tanah Rata town where there are a string of shops and eateries. Apart from that, you are also within driving distance to Brinchang town where there are more amenities in store.

Here is where you will be connected to the major attractions around Cameron Highlands like vegetable farms, tea plantations and many others. Greenhill Resort is also located within walking distance to restaurants, banks as well as halal and non-halal eateries which means that there are more than enough choices for everyone to enjoy.

There are also farms and markets located nearby which will offer you with a wide variety of fresh produce when staying at Greenhill Resort Apartment Cameron Highlands.

Near to local entertainment

For the shopping enthusiasts and if you are looking for entertainment, there are pubs and karaoke outlets located not far from Greenhill Resort. Other shops include souvenir shops and shopping arcades.

Driving around Cameron Highlands would be a breeze as Greenhill Resort Apartment Cameron Highlands is connected on road. There are ample parking space provided for everyone staying at the apartments which are fully equipped.

The units within Greenhill Resort are fully renovated which come with Astro satellite television services, light cooking facilities and tea and coffee making equipments. The apartments are fitted with 3 rooms and hot shower facilities which is ideal for small groups of friend and family.

Driving distance to local attractions

Basically, Greenhill Resort Apartment is an ideal place to stay for the family where the children can enjoy running about the parks and surroundings while others can immerse in the cold weather through strolls and walks.

For the golfer, the Cameron Highlands Golf Course is located only 3 kilometers away from here or you could also head out to the town centre for a bit of shopping and other indulgences.