Multicrops Central Market

This is like a one-stop centre to look for all the various items that are sold in Cameron Highlands.

Perhaps you had enough of running all over the place in Cameron Highlands and decided enough is enough, so let’s just head on over to Multicrops Central Market where one can get the vegetables, the flowers, the pots, and souvenirs in one place.

Well, not necessarily. Yes, one can find many things under one roof in Multicrops Central Market. Still it might be good to shop around as the price of goods varies around Cameron Highlands.

Arked Peladang Cameron Highlands in BM

This place is also known as “Arked Peladang”, or Farmers Arcade, it is located on the main road between Brinchang and Kea Farm. After a steep climb from Brinchang town, turning round a bend, you can see this giant green roof building. There’s ample parking space in front of the market, and the road here is very wide. Unlike Kea Farm and its surrounding area, there is no crowding around here.

Starting on the left end, there is an interesting shop called the “Strawberry Corner”. The garishly design strawberry arch doorway certainly attracts many visitors and of course many photo shots are taken here too! I think it is way too gaudy for my taste but it sure does its job well attracting patrons.

Well, entering inside you need to let your eyes accustom to the redness of the décor. Browsing around you will find all manners of things related to strawberry.

Strawberry jams, strawberry trinkets, strawberry mugs and souvenirs. After awhile, you start to feel like a strawberry yourself! Ah, but no real strawberries for sale here though.

On the right side is the Uncle Sam Farm where one can get vegetable produce and plants.

It’s fairly large, with rows upon rows of various plants and cactus in the nursery. Near the entrance are the vegetable traders and some souvenir shops as well. My wife and I didn’t hang around this section for long; it was not so interesting.

Beautiful Fresh Flowers

The main mid section of the central market is where one should head. At the main entrance there is a florist shop and flanked on the right is a tea centre.

The Tea Centre is worth a quick visit. It is well stock with all manner of teas, from flavoured English tea to Chinese tea and reasonably priced too. And if you are a tea enthusiast, they also have utensils and Chinese tea pots for making and savouring the perfect tea.

Going into the main section of Multicrops Central Market, you will be greeted by its very well landscaped interior.

One can just sit around and enjoy the lush greenery of potted plants, sitting by the water fountain and listen to the water flow and set your eyes on the soothing green of the plants. Relaxing!

The path may be narrow as they cram and try to showcase all the plants and wares. But by no means do you feel claustrophobic, because the nearness of the greens itself makes one feel closer to nature.

Cafe with local fresh tea

Feeling hungry? They have a mini café inside so you can get your fill of sustenance with the usual sweet corns, breads and kaya balls. And of course tea or other drinks to wash it all down!

My wife liked this section and she spends some time sorting through the various pot designs for her gardening needs. And there was so many design to choose from, making it fairly difficult to decide which pots to take home with us.