Hotels in Cameron Highlands

There is no shortage of hotels in Cameron Highlands. They have many types of Cameron Highlands hotels to suite every person’s need and budget. You want to splurge and stay in a luxurious hotel? No problem.

You want watch your spending and still stay in good one? Plenty of mid-priced hotels to choose from.

Or perhaps you are really tight on a budget, perhaps you are just a student, a backpacker, or just want something really cheap but clean place to put up the night? Plenty of cheap hotels in Cameron Highlands too!

So what I have here is compilation of most of the hotels in Cameron Highlands.

There are so many of them so I this page would very likely be a work-in-progress, never ending updates as I try scout them out and review the place if at all possible from my limited time available each time I drop in to Cameron Highlands for a holiday visit.

Everybody says their hotel is the best, until you stayed over, you won’t really know. The only way to know how well the hotels in Cameron Highlands is to stay overnight in order to do an in-depth review, which is not possible given the limited time that I have.

Most time I just get to see the room and of course how well they would treat me even if I was just poking my nose around without telling them what I’m doing, which gives a rough measure of how well their service would be. I write what I experience.

So compiled and listed below here is as good as it gets; may we present the hotels in Cameron Highlands!

  • Arabella Holiday Home Bungalow [TR] +6012-2792598/+603-58911658
  • Aunt Annie’s House [T]
  • Bala Holiday Chalet [C] +605-4911660
  • Brinchang Hotel [B] +605-4911755/491212
  • Cameronian Inn [TR] +605-4911327
  • Cameron High Inn Hotel [B] +6012-480 9998
  • Casa Dela Rosa [C] +605-4911333
  • Casa Della Jarzmin Apartment [TR] +605-4850012
  • Century Pines Resort [TR] +605-4915115
  • Chua Gin Hotel [B] +605-4911801
  • Country Lodge [B] +605-491811
  • Cool Point Hotel [TR] +605-4914914
  • Daniel’s Travellers Lodge (Kang) [TR] +605-4915823
  • De’ La Ferns Hotel [C] +605-4914888
  • Eight Mentigi Guest House [TR] +605-491 5988
    — Eight Mentigi Guest House Comments
  • Equatorial Cameron Highlands [KF] +605-4961777
    — Equatorial Hotel Comments
  • Father’s Guest House [TR] +605-4912484
  • Flora De Cottage [B] +605-4911700
  • Golden Night Hotel [B] +6019-3870865/+6013-5077744
  • Green Garden Hotel [B] +605-4915824
  • Heritage Hotel [TR] +605-4913888
    — Heritage Hotel Comments
  • Highlanders Budget Hotel/Apartment [TR] +605-4914934
  • Hill Garden Lodge [B] +605-4912808
  • Hillview Inn [TR] +605-4912915
  • Hotel De’ La Ferns [C] +605-4914888
  • Hotel Flora De Cottage [B] +605-4911700
  • Golden Night Hotel [B]
  • Hotel Green Garden [B] +605-4915824
  • Hotel Iris [B] +605-4911588
  • Hotel Kavy Boutique [B] +605-4915652
  • Hotel Plastro [B] +605-4911801
  • Hotel Rainbow [B] +605-4914628
  • Hotel Rosa Passadena [B] +605-491228
  • Hotel Sentosa [B] +605-4915492
  • Hotel Titiwangsa [B] +605-4901188/9
  • Hotel Wira Awan [B] +605-4914251
  • Jasmine Hotel [B] +605-4911588/4688
  • Jurina Hill Lodge [TR] +605-4915522
  • Iris Hotel [B] +605-4911588
  • Kang Travellers Hotel and Lodge [TR] +605-4915823
  • KRS Pines / Twin Pines [TR] +605- 4912777
  • Kowloon Hotel [B] +605-4911366/4912122
  • Lakehouse Cameron Highlands [C] +605-4956152/42
  • Lido Hotel [B] +605-4911271
  • Ria Cameron Hotel & Apartment [B] +605-490 1777
  • Papillon Hotel [B] +6013-5206439
  • Parkland Hotel [B] +605-4911299/399
  • Pines and Roses Hotel [B] +605-4912203
  • Raffles Country Inn (now is Bala’s Holiday Chalet)
  • Rosa Passadena Hotel [B] +605-491228
  • Rose Chalet [C] +605-4912787
  • Orient Hotel [TR] +605-4912868
  • Seah Meng Hotel [TR] +605-4911373
  • Sentosa Hotel [B] +605-4915492
  • Silver Star Hotel [B] +605-4911387
  • Smokehouse Hotel [C] +605-4911215
  • Sri Juliana Chalet [B] +605-4911461
  • Star Regency Hotel [B] +605-4915133
  • Strawberry Park Resort [C] +605-4911166
  • Titiwangsa Hotel [B] +605-4901188/9
  • Town House Hotel [TR] +605-4912868
  • Tudor Home Inn [B] +605-4901353
  • Twin Pines / KRS Pines [TR] +605- 4912169
  • YTL Cameron Highlands Resort [C] +605-4911100

[B] = Brinchang
[TR] = Tanah Rata
[T] = Tringkap
[KF] = Kea Farm
[C] = Countryside

I hope to check out most if not all the hotels in Cameron Highlands including the homestays, apartments and bungalows wherever possible.

That should give a fair idea of what accommodation to choose. Since it will take time to complete the hotel directory list as this is a non-commercial venture, so bear with whatever information about hotels in Cameron Highlands that is available at this time.