Cameron Highlands Map

Always get a map for travelling. Comes in real handy for finding your way around in Cameron Highlands.

I drew this map just for your rough idea. It would still be good to buy a detailed map from your friendly neighbourhood book store. Of course you could also get one while you are up there in Cameron Highlands.

Well some idea about the place before embarking on your journey is always better than nothing.

  Cameron Highlands map, a rough guide.

As you are moving along the winding road up, you might be wondering, "Well, how high up are we at?".

This sketch is not much to look at, but it gives you some fair idea of the height as you are travelling up the beautiful country side.

You may want to switch off your car's air conditioning system and wind down the car window and take a blast of the cool refreshing wind of the highlands.

Then again, you would probably wind up the car window again and switch on the air condition because of breathing in snooty exhaust from passing trucks loaded with the days vegetable produce!

Your choice!

Cameron Highlands elevation

Posted on 10-Aug-2006

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