Cameron Highlands Climate Weather Insights

Here is a trivia bit of climate weather information: The lowest temperature recorded in Malaysia is 7.8°C in Cameron Highlands! It was recorded on the 1st February 1978. (source: Malaysia Meteorological Dept).

Malaysian climate weather is typically hot and humid, with daily average of 33°C and nightly average of 22°C. Compare that with Cameron Highlands climate weather of daily average of 23°C and nightly average of 10°C.

Monsoons & Raining Seasons

Rainfalls are pretty much unpredictable in Malaysia, which also applies in Cameron Highlands as well. It is good to carry an umbrella just in case it happens to rain.

Sure there are two main monsoon seasons in Malaysia, namely the Northeast Monsoon (November to March) and the Southwest Monsoon (May to September), and separated by two relatively shorter inter-monsoon periods.

It is usually wetter during the Southwest monsoon than the Northeast Monsoon. February is relatively a dry hot month!

From my experience, most heavy downpours just last an average of about half hour to one hour, with the longest maybe two hours.

If there is a heavy thunderstorm, it would be a good idea to take shelter in some restaurant or local kopitiam (aka coffee shop), order some drinks and wait it out. Because even with an umbrella handy (even the biggest one you can get your hands on!), you definitely will still get wet!

Rain does wreck some havoc to the roads around Cameron Highlands. It causes landslides, burying the road and making it pretty much inaccessible for travel.

It would be most unfortunate if your vehicle was buried along with the landslide!

The authorities are trying their best to make the main roads less landslide prone whenever there are heavy downpours.

But the concrete rectifying measure does make the roadside looks out of place with the surrounding lush greenery. Well can’t have everything! Safety and practicality first or unstable natural environment?

Check out the Cameron Highlands Weather Station

There is a weather station in Cameron Highlands with a very beautiful viewpoint! It can be reached by road from Tanah Rata next to the Police station.

The road itself is quite popular, with many locals taking a stroll or a jog during the evenings. It runs parallel with the main road, exiting by a hotel in front of the golf course.

You can drive right in to the weather station though the final path leading up is quite steep.

There is jungle trail no. 12 starting from here somewhere, but with all the foliage around, I was not able to spot the entrance to it.

The viewpoint from the Weather Station is great! You can spot the many Cameron Highlands bungalows nestled on top of the hills.

And the compound of the Weather Station is beautifully landscaped with a small pool and flowers, and probably cared for by the Weather Station staff.

Laid out in the compound of the Weather Station are all the weather recording instruments, fenced up of course to keep out curious tourist like us!

The instruments looks like some weird mad scientist contraption but I guess it has its purpose for the recording of Cameron Highlands climate weather.