Ho Organic Farms Tour, Restaurant and Apartment

The Ho Family is also doing the same thing like C.O.P. (Cameron Organic Products S/B). They are not only growing organic vegetables they are also running a charcoal steamboat restaurant called Ho Organic Farm Restaurant.

Being rather enterprising, they also run a simple apartment lodging just upstairs of their restaurant shop in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

I popped in Ho Organic Farms Restaurant just to have a look see and met up with one of the Mr Ho (There are three Mr Ho on their name card, and he didn’t say which Mr Ho is he).

And we strike up a conversation about their organic farming, steamboat and their apartment lodging.

Ho Organic Farm Restaurant

Like C.O.P. they also conduct organic farm tours but you will need to make an appointment with them as they are rather busy growing and harvesting organic vegetables. They are usually only free to conduct tours on Saturday according to Mr Ho.

The Ho Organic Farm is just next to Cameron Organic Products farm in some corner of Brinchang town.

The people here are a very close knit community I suppose. They know each other very well and they certainly do know C.O.P. Being neighbours in their plot of farming land and just stone’s throw away for their restaurants, which I’m sure they are.

One of the leaders in Organic Farming Education

The organic farmers are opening up their organic farms because they want to educate the public about the organic farming and to inform what is the difference between conventionally grown vegetables versus that of organically grown vegetables.

Not only do you get a tour of their organic vegetable garden, but you learn that growing organic vegetables is not so easy as it requires a balance between some loss of vegetables to pests and still have a good yield to sustain a profitable margin for income.

It is also the reason why organic vegetables are more expensive than conventionally grown vegetables because no pesticide, no fungicide and no artificial fertilizer are used. Everything is natural and pest is controlled naturally.

Ho Organic Farm Restaurant serves only organic vegetables using charcoal steamboat. So you are sure to get a good healthy steamboat meal

Of course we are still meat eaters so you do get the usual fishballs, meatballs, chicken, prawn, egg, etc in your charcoal steamboat. Those would not be organic, of course if you really want to be 100% organic, then just order the veggies only!

Simple apartment above their restaurant

And if you like the convenience of quick access to their restaurant, you could stay at their apartment lodging just upstairs of their restaurant. They have three rooms with a main lounge with TV.

They also a simple kitchen which you could do simple meals like instant noodles or something.

The apartment is very simple so it might not be to everyone’s liking. If they are affordable and if you have a limited budget you could always consider.

Staying in Brinchang you have easy access to the various shops around town and of course the Brinchang Night Market during the weekends, public holidays and school holidays!

You can check with them if you want to inquire about the organic farm tour, organic charcoal steamboat or the apartment lodging.

Ho Organic Farm
MDCH 5, Bandar Baru Brinchang,
39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Mr Dawson Ho 019-540 7892
Mr Jason Ho 013-425 5722
Mr Keng Yew Ho 012-219 6914
Fax: 05-491 4212