Brinchang Night Market

The Brinchang Night Market is very popular with visitors to Cameron Highlands. Something about the Malaysian Pasar Malam that is a draw not only to local but foreigners alike.

The Brinchang Night Market has shifted from several locations since I first set foot in Cameron Highlands for my holiday travel destination. Initially it was set up in the Brinchang square, which is actually a parking lot in the central part of Brinchang town. 

Later on it was shifted to a higher up location in Brinchang and had an L-shape layout stretching from Brinchang Point, which was under construction then, to the main road opposite the Police flats.

And now the current layout of the Brinchang Night Market is along the main road stretching out away from the Star Regency Apartment Hotel, occupying both sides of the main road.

Golden Hills Night Market

Map of Golden Hills Pasar Malam

As it was then and as it is now, whenever Brinchang Night Market is on, it causes a massive traffic jam, perhaps now more so, as there are much more traders, more variety of stalls and the Brinchang Night market is more popular than ever. 

Cars would be parked helter-skelter as parking is difficult to come by, drivers will slow down and you know the results on a peak vacation weekend, a terrible traffic jam stretching all the way back to Kampung Raja. 

You would be well advised not to use the new route from Simpang Pulai if you plan to arrive Cameron Highlands in the evening and of course on a long weekend as well as school holidays.

The layout of the Brinchang Night Market is fairly simple.

 The stalls that are on the Police flat side are mostly vegetable markets stalls as well as selling flowers and potted plants, with a souvenir stalls here and there. 

While on the opposite side of the road, that’s where you probably start to drool at all the delicious, yummy food on sale there.

Favourites local street food

Let’s see if I can get you hungry. They have the Apam Balik, one of my favourite Malaysian local pancake, with nuts sprinkled in it. 

They have the thick variety or the thin crispy version. Then there are the much deep fried stuff including something similar to the Japanese tempura but using vegetables and other deep fried food.

 Yes, they are nice to eat but sort of unhealthy though. For a bit healthier eating you could go for steamed sweet corns. 

They are very nice to have especially on a cold night. And recently I saw a stall selling Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki! Hmm… talk about Japanese food invasion.

 They were quite nice to eat too, but having had my fill, my friends and I really spoilt our appetite that night and could not really eat much when we set up the steamboat dinner in our apartment.

Souvenir stalls could be found on either side of the Brinchang Night Market selling all kinds of paraphernalia and themes related to Cameron Highlands. One of my wife’s favourite is the little mini strawberry umbrella. 

She bought several for the children. And it came in very handy when it rained in Cameron Highlands, despite the small size it was good enough to shelter from the rain. 

Yep, you never know when it will rain, and so far all my visits lately to Cameron Highlands have been rather wet!

Fresh strawberries from local farms

Strawberry seems to be a feature of Cameron Highlands nowadays. It wasn’t always like that when I first visited Cameron Highlands. 

Now you can buy strawberry fruits, strawberry jams, and now strawberry souvenirs like key chains, fridge magnets, little pillows and of course the umbrella too!

Flowers, tell me which girl can’t resist having one bouquet given to her? Well, guys you can buy a bunch of them without having to spend a fortune because it is so much cheaper to buy them in Cameron Highlands than in any of the Malaysian florist shop elsewhere. 

Unfortunately there is a caveat, you have to put in some labour to snip the thorns off the roses. 

And the roses only last for a few days; hard work for something beautiful that will only last a short while. But the smile of your sweetheart is priceless of course.

Or you could go for the freeze dried flowers, not as beautiful as the roses, but much longer lasting.

For the green thumbs amongst you, there some stalls that sells potted plants and you could even get Nepenthes Pitcher Plant. 

I would have thought that was a protected species, probably somebody must have found a way to cultivate them. 

I wonder how that plant would fare in the low lands though. 

Many a times some of the plants that my wife brought back down didn’t seem to survive the terrible heat of the tropics.

Cheap & Fresh Vegetables

And of course a night market is not complete if they didn’t sell any vegetables, least of all in Cameron Highlands! 

The vegetable markets stalls are set up on the police flat side. Usually the vegetable traders pack the veggies like capsicums, carrots, cucumbers, into mini plastic bags and sold them in bunch of say 4 or 5 bags for a set price. 

Other bigger sized veggies would be sold in a bunch without the plastic bags.

 You can bargain with them a bit, but the best time to get a good deal is when the vegetable markets stalls want to close for the night (about 10pm), that is when you might a find some vegetable market stall throwing prices.

To visit the Brinchang Night Market, it is held only on weekends, public holidays and Malaysian school holidays. 

The stalls will start their business activities as early as 3pm in the afternoon, with more stalls set up as it gets closer to the evening.