There are several ways to get to Fraser's Hill. It takes approximately 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur using a combination of North-South Expressway and the old trunk road from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.

If you are coming from the south using the North-South Expressway like from Kuala Lumpur, my suggestion is to use the Rawang exit, and proceed using the old trunk road and head for Kuala Kubu Bahru town. I feel this is nearer than heading all the way to Bukit Beruntung and exiting from there.

If from the north, the choice would be from Bukit Beruntung and follow the signboard looking out for Kuala Kubu Bahru town or Fraser's Hill.

  You could see the Gap Resthouse when you reached the Gap where you can take a break and have a meal.

Once you hit Kuala Kubu Bahru, just follow the signage to Fraser's Hill. Initially the road is a little narrow parallel to a river fame for white water rafting outdoor adventure enthusiast. As you go along and reach the Selangor Dam the road open up wide and with its gentle curves makes for an easy drive. The Selangor Dam was completed in April 2003, able to hold up to 235 million cubic meter of water. With its 6 square kilometers of beautiful picturesque view, I couldn't help but stop along the way to have a look at the magnificent scenery. I'm sure many of you would stop too, because I was not the only one taking a breather along the way as I saw many passing cars pulling along the road shoulder and the occupants getting off to admire the view. Once you passed the Selangor Dam, the road narrows and becomes winding again.

And if you are coming from the east coast, like from Kuantan, you have to head to the direction of Bentong than to Raub. The route from Bentong to Raub is quite easy to drive as the road has been upgraded. It is quite straight and many cars zoom at quite a face pace. Though it may be straight, it does go up and down like a sea wave. Somewhere along the way before reaching Raub there will be a turning heading to Fraser's Hill. There are several branches along the route heading to Raub which you can turn into to head up to the hills. The signages are marked clearly so you can't make a mistake. Just take any that comes along your way, in the end they end up on the same winding road leading to the Gap.

The Gap and gate control if any

Once you reached the Gap, you can take a break at the Gap Resthouse, or if you just can't wait to go to Fraser's Hill, then proceed the remaining 12km by using the new road if it is accessible. With the new road there is no need to follow the regulated traffic flow for traveling to and fro from the Gap to Fraser's Hill. Just head directly to the new route up and you will be in Fraser's Hill in no time. The new road will exit near to the Fraser's Pines Resort Hotel.

If for some reason, perhaps landslides or something, the authorities may have to close the new road. Then depending on your arrival timing you may have to hang around the Gap, perhaps drop in to the Gap Resthouse, have a meal, or just stretch your legs awhile. If the regulated traffic is in force, just remember the timing as: the going up period is the odd numbered hours, while the returning traffic is in the even numbered hours. Those were the days when a long queue of cars and vehicles has to wait for the gate to open to allow the traffic to proceed on its journey. Most people will just mill around chit chatting to pass the time as there was nothing else much to do. And when the sun sets, there is no more regulated traffic control between 8pm to 7am, in which case driving around this time and in the dark is quite risky. So better drive there while there is plenty of daylight!

Public Bus Transportation

And finally, if you are an backpacker adventurer and somehow manage to find your way to Kuala Kubu Bahru,(KKB) there is a public bus service which you could use for your jouney to Fraser's Hill. Ask around the locals for the Kuala Kubu Bahru bus terminal. The bus schedule departing times as provided (don't know how accurate is this, so use this at your own risk):

  • KKB to Fraser's Hill - 8am and 2pm
  • Fraser's Hill to KKB - 10am and 4pm

Posted 30-June-2008

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