Bukit Fraser's Hill
Interesting Quick Facts

Here's some interesting bits of trivia about Fraser's Hill (Bukit Fraser). Though this may be a small highland escapade in comparison with Cameron Highlands, it still not without its charm and bits of intriguing facts.

  Bukit Fraser's Hill clock tower is one of the most photographed object in this hill resort.

Some of this information was published on a leaflet by the Pahang Tourism / Fraser's Hill Development Corporation and I thought it would be informative and compile them. When I brought my family and friends around I could fill them in with bits of interesting story of the various places. The amount of information that I knew was so much until they thought my other job was as a travel guide! Well, more like a travel writer for good old Cameron-Highland-Destination.com web site.

Anyway, here are the bits of information. So after reading them you could boast around a bit and perhaps people might think you are a travel agent or something!

  • Though I may not be an avid golfer, did you know that the Fraser's Hill town golf course is the first highland golf course and the second in Peninsular Malaysia? The first golf course was located in Taiping.
  • Here's an interesting fact, the Fraser's Hill golf course was built on a former tin mine. Hmm... may have something to do with Louis James Fraser, then again maybe not.
  • I'm sure if you visit Fraser's Hill, this is one photo you must take. The Fraser's Hill clock tower in the town square is the most photographed object. Just about every time I drop by Bukit Fraser, I will snap a picture of this clock tower. No dispute about this comment.
  • The Abu Suradi Trail is named after Abu Bin Suradi, the first Malay to operate a tin mine at Bukit Fraser in the late 19th century. His mine was located at the present ninth fairway of the town golf course.
  • For the WWII enthusiast, here's an interesting trivia. The first buildings in Bukit Fraser were named after the 'pillboxes' (you know, especially C&C gamers should know, those little bunker with machine guns used for defences during the World Wars) because of their knobbly and formidable fortress like appearances. They are the Polygon-Mogador and Ledegham (which was demolished to make way for Silverpark Holiday Apartments) and Hollebekke overlooking the town centre.
  • Bukit Fraser has an elevation of 1524 meters above sea level. Just below the elevation of Equatorial Cameron Highlands which is around 1628 meters highest point of the main road. The highest point in Cameron Highlands is 2032 meters located at Gunung Brinchang.
  • Bukit Fraser area is comprised of seven hills. For those who like counting, you could hop around the place and see whether this fact is true. Though personally I'm not too sure how to spot the seven peaks that represent the seven hills in Fraser's Hill.
  • The average climate temperature of Fraser's Hill is between 21 to 23 degrees Centigrade. Cool enough to escape from the heat of the tropics though you would still feel warm when the noon day sun is beating down on you.

Posted on 14-Oct-2008

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