Bukit Larut map(Maxwell Hill)

Here’s a Bukit Larut Map (Maxwell Hill Map). I bought their poster while I was there. Thought I share it with you in case you want to have advance info about the surrounding area of Bukit Larut.

Getting There and Tulip Mania

The only way up to Bukit Larut is by Government run jeeps. The land rover will take you to Bukit Larut Resthouse (Maxwell Rest House) which is about 10km distance from the foothill. You have to pay a little extra if you need to go to Cendana Hut. 

That’s where the tulips flowers are grown. The tulips flowers bloom on specific season, so check it up with them exactly when and book the rooms in advance if you want to stay over to admire the tulip flowers as it is expected to be fully booked during those times.

 I guess even in Malaysia there will be Tulip mania whenever the tulip flowers blooms!

Outdoor adventure and other activities

For the adventurous, there is an overgrown and underuse Gunung Hijau Trail just 150 meters before the Telekom communication towers. The jungle path takes you to Gunung Hijau with a height of 1,250m above sea level. 

You can view Bukit Larut from there. This route is overgrown and you can get lost easily, so it would be advisable to hire a guide or bring along someone who is familiar with the territory.

For the bird-watchers, Bukit Larut has more than 60 species of birds. There are lowland species as well as montane species. 

I will leave it to the bird-watchers to discern the various species. It was also recorded a number of migratory birds like the night flying autumn and spring migrant species taking a break from the cold winters of their respective temperate climate origins. 

As these are just passing through birdies, spotting them will depend on your timing and luck.

There is a mini watchtower with a small wooden bridge and a playground at the place labelled as camping site. It has a very beautiful view of Taiping and if you like you can climb up the mini watchtower for a better view.

There is a Tea Garden at the halfway point; however it is still under renovation when I last visited. Hopefully in your visit to Bukit Larut it would be ready. 

It is quite a distance from the drop off point at Bukit Larut Resthouse.

Heights of various points

For those who wants to know the heights of various points:

  • Foot Hills = 609m
  • Tea Garden = 656m
  • Bukit Larut (Maxwell) Rest House = 1,034m
  • Gunung Hijau (Speedy) Rest House = 1,113m
  • Telekom Station = 1,250m
  • Gunung Hijau Peak = 1,449m

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) may be the smallest Malaysia highlands; however you still have a lot of walking to do if you need to get from one place to another.