You Hoo Restaurant

This is a typical Chinese restaurant located in Brinchang. And there are indeed many Chinese restaurants in Brinchang and each tries to be different otherwise all the food offered are just the same. So, You Hoo Restaurant tried to stand apart from the other restaurant and has a few signature dishes.

You Hoo Restaurant can be easily found on the main street of Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

They have the all time favourites called the Herbal Pig Trotters cooked with herbs in aluminum foil.

While we were there, we could see many customers ordering this dish, so what else but to join in the crowd and order the same. You can’t go wrong if you go with the crowd. So my wife ordered the trotters; and yes, the taste was simply superb.

It seems that the trotters were boiled first with herbs to allow the herbal flavours to really soak into the meat. Later the whole concoction was wrapped in foil to be later steamed to enhance the taste.

Of course being health conscious we did avoid eating the fat, but there was still enough lean meat to go around, plus their delicious gravy poured generously on the rice went very well indeed.

Another of their interesting dish was the Indonesian curry fish. It came with moderately thick gravy and you could smell the curry leaves when the dish was placed on the table.

Surprisingly the fish was very fresh despite this place being in the highlands. Perhaps there was a fish farm nearby or the fish was transported live from the lowlands?

I didn’t enquire about it because the fish smelled too good to wait trying it out. The dish was rather spicy, like most Malaysian, when it came to curries; spicy was the way to go. The creaminess of the dish came from using condense milk rather than coconut milk. Hmm, a different way of cooking things, but trust the chef to experiment with new ingredients to surprise our palette.

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Try some of their food specialty like trotters and Indonesian curry fish!

Another of their specialty was the sizzling hot plate tofu. It consisted of thick egg yolk sauce with carrots and green peas with generous amounts of mushroom place on top of the tofu. I found this rather normal as we could find many restaurants in KL having this similar dish. Still it was good. No complaints here.

Like the rest of the restaurants here in Cameron Highlands, they served only vegetables grown in the highlands. You could order just about any vegetable that were available.

And of course, if you still prefer to go for the ever popular steamboat, they have that too.

They serve three kinds of soup variety: the usual plain soup, herbal soup, and the spicy Tom Yam soup. Can’t decide which soup to go for?

Then use their dual compartment steamboat utensil, which unfortunately you could choose two soups out of their three available types.

Overall for cooked dishes, it was a little bit pricey, but never the less very good tasting Chinese food.