Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

Some distance up from Ringlet, you will find a quaint tudor styled country home resort hotel, The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel, sitting atop a hill, overlooking a rather less than appealing Sultan Abu Bakar lake.

The lake may not be much to look at, but the old English countryhome design and décor of Lakehouse itself more than make up for it.

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands is must stop place even if you are not planning to stay over the night. In order to roam about its interiors and grounds, you would be well advise to at least order some afternoon tea and enjoy some scones.

The interior is very well furnished with plenty of antiques and wooden furnishing, very much like having an old English country feel to it.

Nice place to sit around and socialize with your gang of friends and family. While enjoying my afternoon tea there on one of my visit, I overheard one of the guest that just checked it and he said he wish could just stay there for the rest of his life! Ah, me too! Such is the charm of the Lakehouse hotel.

And how about a romantic vacation getaway? My wife and I were curious as to the room condition for such an old fine building.

So we asked the staff whether they could show us the room and they kindly oblige.

With our first peep my wife totally love the way the room was arranged and decorated. It was simply fabulous. It has a very traditional English charm with a traditional bed that has bedpost with fine lace draping over it.

She insisted we should stay at the Lakehouse on one of the trips someday. So I guess I will have to acquiescent to her wishes on one of the future trips.

History of the Tudor Style Country Home

Here’s a little history about the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, it was build by a retired army officer Colonel Stanley Foster in 1972. He was pretty much an eccentric, snooty autocratic Englishman that he posted a sign saying, “No Dogs, No Children, No Asians Allowed!”. He would even chase away would be Asian visitors with a whip or cane!

But eventually, I guess the charms of Chinese women still swayed his heart for he did actually married not once, but twice!

After his demise in 1984, his wife sold the property, and it became known as the Lakehouse. Now it is managed by HPL Hotels and Resorts which also runs the Concorde Hotel chain in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Peaceful Environment

Relaxation is easy with the soft soothing pipe-in sound of classical music. Having an afternoon tea in the lounge area is just simply delightful!

With big cushy winged antique chairs with its all embracing arms around, you could just sink in and let the big armchair swallow you up like a mother hugging her child.

Sit around and bring along a book with you and just let time go on by slowly like the good old days or simply read the papers and catch up with the latest daily news while having your hot cup of tea!

Just a stone throw away, there is a bar area decorated much in the style of an old English tavern. You can just imagine yourself getting a pint pretty much like the Brits do in the old English countryside. Perhaps having a puff with the gentlemanly pipes, yakking away about the activities of the day.

Or for the ladies, perhaps a secret that your neighbour just told you and you can’t wait to share it with your closest friends! Oh my, just let the cat out of the bag! Ah, just imagine as you sit at the bar counter… Come, come, have a beer or two, cheers!

Beautiful Lake View

Walking about the grounds of Lakehouse, as your shoes squish over the green grass with each step, taking in all the cool fresh air of the highlands, especially if it had just recently rained.

Indeed it feels just great to smell the nice fresh evergreen lawn and with the flowers in full bloom, the scent is indeed captivating and refreshing.

Nevermind the lake, is in its current muddy shape due to over development upstream. The local council is trying to do something about it, and well the desilting process takes time. Hopefully they can restore it to its former glory.

At the entrance of the driveway below the hill, there is a row of shops, where one can still get the Cameron Highland veggies, flowers and souvenirs. But it is kind of small, it would be well advise to drive up to Kea Farm for a better selection of choices.

Accommodations Package

For those who do indeed would like to stay over at the Lakehouse, they have a 3D/2N “Nature Experience Retreat Package” for about RM$750 (about US$200).

It comprise two nights stay in a deluxe room, daily breakfast for two, complimentary afternoon tea, guided jungle trek, and half day country and farmland tour.

You can contact Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel management directly at +605-4956152, 4956142
Or email them at [email protected]

OK, time for my afternoon tea and scones.