Taman Sedia

Taman Sedia is the first Malay settlement in Cameron Highlands. This is also where you can find many homestay Malaysia accommodation where you can experience some good old Malay cultural homestay in Cameron Highlands.

Here a bit of history about Taman Sedia. It was opened by the Malay community in 1959 on a “Gotong Royong” (community togetherness) and was later developed into a kampong (village) by the Pahang State Development Co-Operation (LKNP) in 1969. Taman Sedia was divided into 48 lots of 0.25 acre each for the Malay settlement.

Entering Taman Sedia, the atmosphere here is different from Tanah Rata, Brinchang as well as the other towns. While Cameron Highlands has seen unprecedented development, Taman Sedia still has a laid back kampong village feel to it. Perhaps it is that feeling that choosing a homestay Malaysia accommodation here coupled with the friendly Malay hospitality, I’m sure you would thoroughly enjoy your stay here.

Beautiful Fairy Garden Terrace Town

Here’s a bit of folklore about Taman Sedia, it was said that in the old days, Kampung Taman Sedia was a beautiful garden full of flowers belonging to fairies, the garden was fringed by vast grassland full of bushes and creepers with several brooks of clear cool water. It was such paradise that several deers made the garden their home. Since the garden was already there, and readymade, thus the place is called Taman Sedia, which translated as “The Garden which is already there”

Intriguing folklore. When it comes to about anything related to jungles and forest, there is certainly a kind of mystic about it. Something about Gaia and forest spirits bringing to mind the Shinto religion of Japan. And if you were to ask the Orang Asli about it, they do have a tale or two to tell about their strange encounters in the forest. The world is strange place, even in this modern age, superstition still abounds and there are unexplained things going around that cannot be explained by conventional science.

Muslim Town with a lot of halal food

Still I did find Taman Sedia to be relatively peaceful in comparison with the other towns around Cameron Highlands. Walking around without a care, and noting the various Strawberry Farms next to the bungalow houses that are part of the homestay programs in Malaysia Cameron Highlands.

You could pop in here anytime to explore this place, it is nice quiet place and there is a little children playground for hyper energetic children to play. Or perhaps take them for some pick your own strawberry activities as I spied many strawberry farms around this Taman Sedia, the Garden that was already here in Cameron Highlands.