Cameronian Inn guesthouse hotels and their wonderful tea and scones

Here is another interesting guesthouse accommodation called the Cameronian Inn to try out in Cameron Highlands especially if you are going on a budget for your travel destination holiday.

I had known about this little hotel accommodation but didn’t have the time to give it a look see till now. I also heard their scone were absolutely delicious and it is a must try.

So this time with my wife and parents in tow, we visited Cameronian Inn. Despite already had our afternoon teh tarik at the Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation, I wanted to try out Cameronian Inn’s tea and scones set.

It was already late evening and the sky was dark grey with storm clouds swirling around the sky threatening another downpour, we made our way back to Tanah Rata.

Cameronian Inn was not on the main streets of Tanah Rata thus for the casual visitors, they would not know about this place so easily. But for those who do, this is one nice little cosy and quiet place to hide out.

Arriving at the Cameronian Inn, there was already light drizzle as we entered their dining area.

It certainly would have been nice to have their tea and scones at their verandah, but the sky wouldn’t let up in releasing their droplets.

The lady owner came and greeted us as we settled down and placed our orders for tea and scones, plus some other desserts. We try to keep it light because it will be evening soon and we didn’t want to spoil our appetite too much for dinner later.

Though we were just the only guest around, they still fired up their oven and made fresh scones for us. When it was ready, the scones were simply delicious. In comparison with other scones that we had tried, Cameronian Inn was definitely very good.

Crusty outside, soft inside. That’s how a good scone should be made. My wife, Lena loved it so much that she wanted to pack back for the return trip to let our Pastor and Church friends to try.

My wife also found out that they actually supplied their scones to the Shalimar tea house overlooking the Bharat tea plantation! The pricing was very affordable and they have many items in the menu, so much that we decided to come back again the next day for breakfast!

While my family was having their late evening tea and scones, I decided to scout around the area.

As a budget guesthouse hotel accommodation, this place was really cosy, it has nice open garden with deck chairs which I wondered who would want to sun bathe in this frigid cold weather of Cameron Highlands.

Perhaps there were, but with the monsoon pouring down I wouldn’t know. Around the Verandah area, there were a couple of wooden tables out in the garden which you could have your meal as well if the weather was accommodating, you could do so.

The path from there lead to a lounge area where you can sit around and read some books if you will. They also had computer internet room where you could communicate with your loved ones.

The rooms that I could get to have a look were the dormitory style ones, four to a room sharing basis.

I guess if you really need cheap accommodation this is it, going for about RM10 per bed. Very good backpackers and extremely tight budget travellers. If dorm sharing is not your idea, they also do have Single/Double sharing room going for about RM45 per night. And what about family? Yes, they have that too from between RM45 to RM88. As all budget rooms go, the bathrooms are not attached. For those who want the bathroom all to themselves, rooms (double/twin) with attached bathroom goes for about RM50-RM88. Still very affordable!

And if you drove? There is enough space available for some cars to park within their compound

Although most of their visitors would be non-car driver types like overseas tourist, the compound should be sufficient to park several cars. Of course if you came in a big group with many cars, very likely you may have to park on the road outside.

Overall a simple place. Very cosy. Very affordable. Plus with their wonderful scones, this would be nice place to hold out for a relaxing vacation holiday. And of course we came back the next morning for a late breakfast, and yes, tea and scones again! This time we got to sit at the verandah amidst the cool morning air with chirping birds sounding all around. No rain to spoil our meal, and nice wonderful weather in the outside for a scrumptious breakfast. If you already had too much fill on scones you could try their toast and omelette, which I did order for a change and it was fully satisfying.